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New selection option "bathroom type"

Today I stumbled upon a new selection option for the bathroom, you can now select between “private” and “shared”

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Thanks for the heads up!

I created my listing almost three months ago, and this option was available then, at least for new hosts. Of course, they took away the ability to opt-out of IB, so there is a trade-off that was made.

This isn’t new and there’s a thread here from a couple of months ago about it. I think it was Carmen who was looking for “ensuite,” because private apparently means not shared with anyone else but not the same as within the guest room.

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Ah, could be that it exists a few weeks already.
Last time I made a listing, about a month ago it was not available.

I understand the option for a private room, but the selection is also available in “an entire house”.
It would be strange it is not private.

I dotn really get this feature. Whe a host lists there is an option to indicate private or shared. But when a guest searches there is no such option. SO, for a guest its impossible to find a room according to his/her wish to have a private bathroom. Does not Airbnb realizes that. Thats just silly to do it only one way.

Well, as a software developer, you need data before you can offer the search option. So my guess is that they are waiting to have a critical mass of data before adding this to the search screen. I also believe that fundamentally, there are numerous development teams and that they don’t have a clue what the other teams have rolled out.

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