New market with new services

please fill this survey it`s 5 Question will take less than 1 minute (you will get discount from this platform when it launch if you fill it write down your name )

Please stop all the surveys!


Or put them on MTurk so we can get paid for doing them!


Copy and pasting—
Agree, our experience and opinions are worth something other than having to give our email for some ‘chance’ at winning something!
Anyone here ever filled out a survey that offered a ‘chance’ of winning something and ever won? Or been notified who the winner was?
Give me some real moola and yeah, I’ll take your survey and help you grow a business to make money for yourself. It’s the sharing economy mindset ya know? Give me something tangible, and I’ll give you something useful :slight_smile:

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Put it on microworkers for me. Lol

Another copy and paste from another survey request:

Put the survey on MTurk.
Mark it as ‘by invitation only’.
Request hosts’ MTurk account numbers and invite them to participate.
Put a reasonable price on the survey, such as $10.
Anyone could find the survey here, and fill it out. They might not be genuine hosts. At least by inviting real hosts, there’d be real results.

P.S. Anyone starting a legitimate and worthwhile business should have thought of that and not need to have me to spell it out for them :slight_smile: