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New Los Angeles regulations on ADU

we are going to be screwed. especially if your detached unit is not permitted. fortunately the city is doing what they do best… set up fees

the hotel lobby thanks you los angeles

It is both, but the city is just doing a TERRIBLE job of enforcing bad landlords.

I worked for a landlord who owned a rent controlled 15-unit apartment complex in Hollywood. Every time a new unit opened up, the onsite manager would encourage the landlord to convert the studio or 1 bedroom apartments into Airbnb rentals. Pretty soon there were SEVEN Airbnbs (the onsite manager took a cut). They hid the lockboxes in the back parking area to avoid attracting attention.

This type of situation is what gives Airbnb in Los Angeles a bad name. And it is incredibly unfortunate because many decent homeowners will be punished.

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Yes, I’m one of those homeowners. I don’t see how this legislation does anything but punish the small homeowners, many of whom are relying on this income to stay afloat and pay their bills. The bad apartment landlords will just find a way around the primary residence requirement.

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was the building you were working for in hollywood by the tekila bar and secret bar?

No it was about 2 blocks over and 1.5 blocks up from those bars, but I imagine there’s a lot of buildings like this in Hollywood.

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