New Listing Layout?

Has anyone else noticed a change in the way their listing page is laid out?

Mine used to (i.e. yesterday) show the first two paragraphs of my description, then you had to click to expand. Now it only shows the first paragraph and part of the second unless you expand.

In the rules section, it no longer shows that pets are allowed unless you expand it.

The amenities blurb used to show the first few amenities in alphabetical order before expansion - now it seems to show a random sample. It is different each time I look.

The availability calendar has been moved.

The contact host button is a little more obvious.

Reviews are presented in a new layout; you have to click a button to see them all.

I may be missing other differences. Are you seeing the new layout? What do you think of the changes?

You also no longer see the photo captions unless you click on an individual photo.

Most of us don’t like it, but Air seems to think it’s OK for them to mess with our listing and change things without bothering to ask. Nothing much you can do about it – complaining to Air will do absolutely no good.

I don’t know. Mine looks the same as it has for awhile so you might be part of a test. I’ve noticed appearance changes in other parts of the site and dashboard though. I’ve given up caring about most the changes. Occasionally I’ll see a button I can click to give feedback and I participate in those from time to time.

@georgiahost I’ve seen that coming and going for the last 1.5 weeks or so. I think they’re trying it out but sometimes it’s reverting back to the old format.