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New listing format


Hello, new forum member here! I’m wondering if anyone else has been unfavorably impacted by the recent changes to our listing layouts?

Frankly, I’m rather resentful. I did respond to update prompts but there was no warning of drastic changes to the presentation of our listings.

I offer a studio share with a lofted bed for guests. Shared Room in Apartment doesn’t do my space justice while Shared Room in Loft runs the risk of overpromising if guests don’t bother with the description.

Also, the house rules section appears expanded and the Additional Rules portion is barely noticeable.

Anyone experiencing similar concerns?



@MaryD Your post isn’t totally clear to me:

  • What do you actually offer? (What do you consider a ‘studio’, since like ‘villa’ (other topic), it also has an array of meanings?)
  • In what category was it before?
  • And what category options do you have now?


Hi @MaryD

Like @GutHend, I’m having a little trouble understanding and it because the same descriptor can mean different things in different areas.

Bulldozing ahead with an idea that may or may not work for you…
When Airbnb made their search area larger, it meant my condo appeared in search results for a search for properties 45 minutes south. I changed my condo description to include my city name to avoid confusion.

Maybe adding a clarification in the rental title/description would help?

I didn’t brand or make my title cute (e.g. Gone Fishin’) It is to convey information. 2BR/2BA 1st floor, NO steps, Comfy & roomy in North MB


Hi! I wasn’t sure this was even the appropriate topic category, thanks :slight_smile: i’ve Also added a link to my listing which, duh, should help.

Previously, it was simply Shared Space. The new categorization format forces a redundancy, in my case. It is a shared room AND a shared apartment with an open floor plan and a lofted bed. See my predicament!?


Yes, I’ve updated my listing to get as much relevant information up front. My concern is that when these new categories are presented to guests - I will be overlooked.

Also really concerned about the house rules format - I have felt this impact directly.

Thank you!


Don’t worry about categories, we don’t enforce that and almost no one even attempts to categorize their posts. Most people just read the threads in the order posted.

Added it where? A link to what in where? If you put links in your airbnb listing they won’t show.

I’ve had the same problem for months. I have a room in my home listed. It has a private entrance and an ensuite bathroom. No spaces are shared and the door into my part of the house is locked. But I don’t want to list as an entire place because people will expect a kitchen. I don’t think they have implemented all the changes yet so don’t get too worked up. They will screw with you even more later. LOL.


Hi Dusty,

Thanks for filling me in. No, no… in the profile I just created, I put my listing in the website field! Sorry for the confusion!

I’m not sure it’s the same, or I don’t understand. They do, ultimately, stay with me in my studio (in my room) and have access to everything.

Thx :slight_smile:


Hahahaha I just saw the ‘screw you more later’ part. It’s right on the nose though. I went through this crap with TaskRabbit and this is just how it started. Those providing the service are taken into less and less consideration. I’m well acquainted with laws supply and demand but in this technological age - it’s pure laziness to pigeonhole.



If someone is willing to stay in a shared space they will find you. When I search NYC the only choices for room type are entire place, private room and shared room. To get other property types they have to click on more filters, that’s where loft is. A loft bed or room in an apartment is not the same as a loft, IMO.


Thank you so much! That’s a relief


Dusty, I do list as entire place with similar set up - but I make sure to have “kitchenette” in my title, which takes up a ginormous amount of characters but my guests then understand there is no stove. I do have an extra “washing-up” sink there, with the dorm fridge, coffee maker, electric kettle, toaster oven, microwave and tiny griddle.


Why would anyone conclude there is no ‘stove’ when you write ‘kitchenette’? Google Imagines ‘kitchenette’, and you will see that a large number does have a stove.

To me a ‘kitchenette’ without a stove should just be a called a ‘drinks corner’. A kitchen/kitchenette should allow some kind of cooking, and this is done on a stove. This can easily be solved with a small induction cooktop, a pot and a pan. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10343776/


Well let’s just say they understand perfectly it’s not a “full” kitchen, then. All the appliances are checked off or (stove) not in the listing, of course.
I’ve looked at those little induction cooktops and considered getting one – but my guests all seem very happy with the microwave and toaster oven, and they have not complained nor asked about it. And not one person has ever used the electric griddle (or if they did they have cleaned it very well indeed)! I also provide some microwaveable soup and ramen, occasionally those are enjoyed.


I don’t think a kitchen is expected. If I were you I would definitely list as an entire space. As a guest, I would totally book your place for one or two nights; I couldn’t care less about a kitchen. That’s why a kitchen is a searchable amenity.


I suppose I could try it but as soon as I get the first disappointed guest I’ll be switching back.

Shortly after the remodel was finished adding the separate entrance I had an Italian couple reserve and their first question when I showed them the room was “where is the kitchen?” I said there wasn’t one and at the time I didn’t even have the fridge and microwave in there. So I told them they could use my kitchen. After that I didn’t even consider listing as an entire place. Granted they had some other issues and their English wasn’t the best. Also I don’t get many foreigners anyway.

Edit: I just searched the forum and found that a common complaint is people expected an entire place even though they booked a private room. I’m booked about 80-90% of the time anyway so I’m going stick with listing as a private room. I also think people with entire place listing are going to expect plates and cups and flatware and in general is going to create a higher set of expectations.


I think for the perhaps of Airbnb, a kitchen is any place where meals can be prepared, above and beyond the microwave. I had a stove for years and it was a huge pain in the a##. Not only would guests run out of gas at the worst times, the igniters were finicky and of course they created a open flame. Plus it was in a studio where it really was not allowed. So glad to get rid of that thing. Now I have a cooktop and am really happy with it.

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