New host seeking advice

Hello, I am a first time host and user in general and I’m looking for a little advice please. Someone asked me to stay for over a week in my apartment, they don’t have any reviews and also they don’t have a proper profile picture, instead they have a picture of an animal. I don’t have a great feeling about it, is it okay if I decline based on that or am I just nervous and silly?

Reply to them and tell them they need to finish filling out their profile with picture, correct first and last name, etc. If the booking goes through and there aren’t other warning signs then it’s probably fine. Some new guests are just as afraid of you as you are of them.

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Do they have government ID?
I have a photo of my cat but then I want to stop people booking if they have an allergy and I am a super host with lots of reviews.

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I’m pretty new too and had something like this happen with a little bit of a strange feeling going on (long story) but short part is guest sent an inquiry and I told them I wouldn’t entertain hosting them until they had a complete profile. They didn’t do anything right away until I let their inquiry go without pre-approval. Then they jumped thru ABB’s hoops and requested again. They are now booked for time in October. Hopefully all goes well, and good luck!

No. You are not being silly. Follow your instincts. Do not book them until they’ve completed a proper profile.
AND, ask the guest to cancel their booking request until they do so. You don’t want a decline against you. I assume it as a request to book and not just an inquiry

I always require government ID at a minimum and profile pic before I accept. I also always ask what the purpose of their stay is and who is staying. The few times I’ve had a bad feeling, I did wish I hadn’t accepted those requests, so would definitely heed your gut!

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