New host - recommendation would be greatly appreciated

So I recently put up our vacation property in the Philippines on Airbnb as we only stay there for about 1 month/ year. Any suggestion on how to get views/ people to book? I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Link to the listing:

First thought, your first sentence is a question, but you finish it with an exclamation point.

Why pay for a hotel room in Tagaytay City for 2x the price when you can enjoy this peaceful & refreshing home located conveniently near the City (approx. 20 minutes away with your own vehicle or 30 minutes commute) and Camp Benjamin Resort!

Your pictures are very fuzzy. There are no pictures of the bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchen (either one of them.) Your narrative doesn’t make me want to visit your location. What is special about this location? How far away is a market? Are there historic sites nearby? Consider selling this to someone who only vaguely knows what this area of the Philippines might offer.

I have no idea what a dirty kitchen is.

You have no profile narrative nor do you specify where you live when you aren’t living in this house. If you aren’t nearby, who is greeting your guests? Who do they call if something goes wrong? Who comes to serve the guests breakfast?

You should consider a cleaning fee. Four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and two kitchens to be cleaned with a one night minimum? That is a lot of work for $72.


We have a couple people that take care of the house while we’re away. We have someone maintaining the outdoors & one maintaining the inside of the house. Planning to have my auntie do the managing of the place… thanks for pointing those out! Will edit the listing :slight_smile:

Need more interior pictures and all photos should be sharp not fuzzy! 99% of potential guests won’t care about the grotto. I know what you mean, but “Dirty Kitchen” is a huge turn-off phrase!!

Your No outside Shoes and No Sleeping on the Couch House Rules are going to be ridiculously hard to enforce unless you have a servant stationed at each outside door 24/7/365. It’s 2 minutes to midnight, can I check in now to stay the night? That’s what your “check-in any time after 3 PM” rule means.

What little description text exists is in serious need of revision!

So more details. Is your Auntie really going to deliver breakfast every single day? The way your listing is written, guests could request breakfast at any time. Consider limiting the breakfast hours: Breakfast Delivered Daily between 8:30-9:30am.

If you have people who have been taking care of the house for a while, mention that. The grounds and house are managed by a team of people who have taken care of the house for xxx years and will be available to assist.

@KenH What is a dirty kitchen?

To add to the comments by @smtucker about the pictures…

  • Take pictures on a sunny day;
  • horizontal (landscape) photos only;
  • indoor shots should be taken at little above waist level - so that you can just see the tops of tables and counter tops;
  • shoot from the corner of the room rather than square with it;
  • light the inside of the outdoor structure (the thing with the blue roof - I’m assuming that there are chairs and a table in there, but cannot see them);
  • add titles to the photos;
  • choose different angles (the one with the TV would be improved if the TV was not in the center of the shot - the one of the living room is the best one that you have as a diagonal shot);
  • open the curtains (even if you normally have them closed);
  • take indoor pictures late in the day so that the sun is at a lower angle and will brighten the rooms;
  • use a flash - one that points at the ceiling for softer reflected light.
  • outdoor shots should be taken within a day or two of when the grass is cut, so that it doesn’t look freshly cut, but naturally (LOL) all the same height
    I read somewhere once that listings get more views when they have at least a dozen pictures (don’t know if it’s true, but it can’t hurt).
    What are the blue pipes or hoses by the grotto? They look like clutter.
    If part of the experience is the outdoors and backyard, add a photo of the over all backyard, like the one of the front of the house - one looking from the house and one looking at the house from the fence line.
    Breakfast is listed as an amenity. What is breakfast and how is it provided?
    I wouldn’t list the CCTV right in the introduction, but rather in the description of the house, letting the guests know that there is a security system (if that is the case).
    Security Deposit is only $153?
    Check out the competition. What are the “similar listings” providing?

…“Spacious patio/terrace uniquely located in the back–perfect for Karaoke nights!”…
…“This property is located in a small town of Alfonso, Cavite surrounded by a friendly and quiet neighborhood.”…

I’m not sure encouraging outdoor Karaoke is such a good idea in a quiet neighborhood.


Well, the house is in the middle of a 3000 sq. m land so the noise doesn’t really get out much. Karaokes are allowed in the area til 10PM, which i will add on the description. Filipinos love their karaoke, so thought I should add that on there haha

Cavite was a really good but scary indie movie. Anyone seen it?

“Dirty Kitchen” – outdoor, wood or coal fired grill/stove, no running water, open to all the bugs and things – compared to a nice indoor, “clean” kitchen with hot and cold running everything, electric or gas stove, cupboards to keep utensils, plates, etc clean… Here in Florida, Arizona, SoCal, etc --where “outdoor living” is the norm 80% of the year, we just call them an Outdoor Kitchen, and some of them are at least as fancy as the ones indoors.

Thank you @KenH. That is the term I know, and some of them are far nicer than my indoor kitchen!

Wow what a nice place :slight_smile: I rent out a few apartments and rooms in cebu, Philippines and have been a superhost for a couple of years. I just put out my place for a super low price to build up reviews, with reviews booking will come and you can then slowly raise your price. Just think of it as advertising expenses. And off course also consider all the other advice you got here :slight_smile:

I think you are either bonkers or gluttons for punishment to rent a house that big for 1 night! Does look nice, but you absolutely need pictures of all the bedrooms and bathrooms, and both kitchens. No one is going to book without seeing those. :slight_smile:


I will have to look it up…

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If I am a guest looking for a home in the area, i’m sorry but I wouldn’t book yours!

The first thing I look for is a photo of the beds and a photo of the shower. If both of those pass, ill stay there, but I cant even see them.

I would remove the second photo of the grotto as the pipes and other stuff laying around make it look messy and uninviting. Just keep the first one.

And as others have said, you need clear photos with some sunlight!

I think you will have a nice place there, but just needs some professional touches in the photos. Do you have any photographers in the area? Maybe visit a real estate agency and ask if they can use their photographers, they really know how to sell a house.

Thank you all for your input, truly appreciate it! Got myself a friend to take better pictures & posted them right away and the rest, I am working on as fast as I can. Hopefully, I can start to see some bookings soon! :slight_smile: