New here, thank you!

Just wanted to introduce myself a bit. I’ve been hosting for a year and so far it’s been great. I rent my home during football season. No major issues with guests, just a couple minor things. Newly a superhost and 5.0 rating (knock on wood). Most importantly I find this forum very informative and friendly. Thank you, all.


Hey there Packerhome! And Welcome!
I’ve hosted for several years and it’s still a very very few bad apples I’ve encountered and mostly minor things.
This forum has helped me a great deal too. Hosting isn’t always easy but the good hosts in here are often here to help which is nice and it’s also a great place to vent.


Welcome to the forum, I look forward to your contributions

So do you move out during football season or do you rent rooms? I would move out, football fans scare me! laugh out loud



I really hope I never have to vent but if it happens, knock on wood, I’m glad you all are here for support!

I live at my home full time so when football season starts I get everything ready the night before or morning of and then stay at my mom’s mainly and sometimes my dads. The only issue I have had is people leaving windows open or unlocked. I don’t mind so much as long as the elements don’t get inside lol.

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I keep all my food and clothes or as much as my personal belongings as I can downstairs during the season simply because its easier to not carry it between the two levels every other week or so. Works out great. The tenants still have access to the basement where all my stuff is but this way if they need the washer and dryer or if we have sever weather, had a tornado not too long ago, they have a safe place to go and aren’t trapped which would devastate me if something ever happened. Would rather them be safe than out them at risk.