New group for hosts interested in doing a listing swop in the UK and Ireland

Hi Mods

Hope you don’t mind me posting here, but was discussing host swaps on a UK group and we agreed that the international sites for host swaps were quite US centric, so it would be good to have a group that catered more for UK and Irish hosts.

So I have literally just set one up.

Please feel free to join if you fancy a break or a longer holiday.

@Joan @Barns @southendbootboy @cassid @Jess1 anyone else from the UK or Ireland please feel free to join/share.

Happy swapping.


Hi there. I am starting a similar thing. But just for a small group internationally. My plan is to bring together 10-15 locations worldwide. Then one would know the places very well with all advantages of that. Under a simple webpage I drafted the approach. I am not allowed to post links here though… We currently have Germany,Mexico and San Francisco. Anybody wanting to join just write me. Thanks Simon

That’s interesting @simonroger.

Is the idea then that people would just swap within these small number of listings?

The main barrier I would see to that approach is that you would need deep pockets to travel internationally and wouldn’t work for short breaks.

All the best with your group


I tell you exactly what is the idea. I like people at my place that share the same vision of trust, respect and joy. That brings good energy. Now in the future (I am 47now) my girlfriend and me want to spend (we can work flexibly and we work on developing our work live more location independent…younger bunch call that digital nomads) more time away from Germany. That means not mainly spending vacation but rather living somewhere else for 4weeks or so and working there remote. For that we want to create a group of people/locations. And you are right travel cost have to be covered. But I do a lot of Airbnb but in the future I want to have more people at my place that are coming again or belong to the small group that I call Casa Futuro. On FB one can find me under GrowInGermany and my name. Then I can share my link. Thanks Simon and a lot of greetings to all of you

Thanks Simon

I’m not in a position where I can be a digital nomad as yet, but an interesting concept for those that can.

Good luck.

Hi Simon,

You can add me to your list. A url that points to my listing appears in my profile - Thanks.

@Helsi, if you decide to expand to Europe I’d be very interested!

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