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New Forum Logo?


Are we finally going to get a new logo? One that doesn’t confuse us with Airbnb? This is the one used on facebook now.

@tom2? @Cyn?


Much better than the existing one!


I didn’t realize we have a Facebook!


Oh yes. That’s how I found this group. I was looking on facebook for a group and clicked over here.


Yes Cynthia had someone design a new logo. Thoughts on it?


MUCH better than the one we use now! Love it.


Really like the new logo design.


Damn, I left FB after all the recent security issues. Do people leave comments like they do here or does it just direct them here? Am I missing something?


Oh mysterious Tom, who are we to argue with your wisdom. But it looks great.


I agree! The present one is confusing for members because it is SO close the corporate one. Not only is the corporate one ugly and looks like an IUD :laughing:, the last thing you need is to receive a cease and desist from their lawyers! I vote changing it out to this one!


Good for you! I left a few years ago. I completely deleted my account which isn’t easy to do. But I do have access to a “fake” profile that I use to check guests out sometimes.


I like the new logo - sometimes if you have a busy wallpaper on your phone, the old one doesn’t show up against the kitten fur or whatever …

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