New feature showing for reviews

I just noticed this on my listing today - highest/lowest

I also noticed it on a listing belonging to a host on here today. I’ve had a look at some of my competition (just for a nosey) and it’s not showing up on their’s… anyone else spotted it? Great for the guest but not so great for hiding those negative reviews

EDIT: ‘their’s’ doesn’t look right… should there be an apostrophe or not, grammar people? These things bother me!

No apostrophe; it’s a possessive pronoun.


Argghhhh, why do they keep trouncing us with these “improvements”

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Thanks! I thought so after I saw it

It was your listing I spotted it on…

How weird. I don’t see it while looking at mine, but I am using a desktop. Are you using a mobile?

I saw this list a while back then it disappeared. I guess it’s back again.

Yes on my phone, but not on the app

It’s lousy so I wish it would disappear again.

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Hi @Kirsty_Jane:

I’m sure you intended the explanation to be directed to the OP, correct?

Ok, WTF is going on with Airbnb! I’m so pissed off.

This is the 10th attempt to arrange the order of reviews and, yes, if you highlighted past reviews you are arranging their order too. I can’t understand why Airbnb think this is a good change.

I have just one bad review in the Lowest Reviews section. The girl said the mattress hurt her back. It was the only person who said that in my entire 5 years hosting. Whatever, I now have a new mattress so how could the person that is interested in booking with me know this. He might believe, he won’t sleep well too.

Or what if someone mentions a construction nearby that has ended 3 years ago. How could people know?

This adds a lot of noise to the booking process and will certainly make hosts lost reservations. I don’t see the good side of this.

It is not the typo that concerns me, it is the direction in which Airbnb is holding Host to higher standards. Guest are starting to notice it to, and will be taking advantage of it. Not a good direction, not good at all.

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