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New Feature Requested: This day is not available for checking in

Airbnb-s platform is very flexible and lets you managed your listings very well. I personally like the many choices we have to manage our calendars but I’m missing out one that is very important for me.

“This day is not available for checking in”

And by this, I don’t mean just blocking that day on your calendar because you do want to have guests inside but you just can’t be there to make a check-in. Imagine Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Your Anniversary, or just any kind of important event in your life that makes you not available to welcome someone in your property. So, if for example, you mark Christmas as not available for checking in, then a guest can make a reservation from the Dec-23 to Dec-28 but he shouldn’t be able to make a reservation from Dec-25 to Dec-28 as you can’t check-in into my place on the 25th.

Don’t you think it could be useful?

Argh. Yes, that’s a tough one because you would be fine with a reservation from December 23 - 26, but not Dec. 25-28. I’ll be following this one!

Here is how I do it:
Under Availability Settings, select the link
Add a requirement for seasons or weekends
Choose “during specific dates” from your dropdown.
Choose the dates that surround your "no check in day"
Select the “days of the week” that you want to allow check in. Exclude the day your “no check in day” is that week.

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