New feature on Request to Book?

I’ve only just noticed a new box under a new request to book, with a clock symbol and the guest stating they want to check-in 12pm- 2pm. Not an ask, just a statement. Our listing is clear, including House Rules, 5 pm - 8 pm. I accepted last night, including re-iterating our check-in window but have now apologised for not noticing this; new feature etc and pointed the guest to our listing/House Rules. She’s now upset, having had her expectations raised unnecessarily, and stating that they are already on their way to arrive at midday. Has anyone else seen this? My cleaner doesn’t finish until midday and I haven’t budged, heeding the mantra oft used here of don’t bend over backwards.


I have seen it but it’s always been in our check in times

H @Joan

Just say you are sorry for any confusion, but your check in time is clearly stated on your listing lisiting and your confirmed check in times with her last night when you accepted the booking.

Give them some suggestions for local left luggage/things to do this afternoon.

To be honest if your check in is on your listing and you confirmed it, I wouldn’t say her expectations were raised, but rather she misunderstood how Airbnb works.

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Ha ha! Local left luggage facilities? The cow shed up the lane perhaps… Fortunately they are in a hire car for luggage purposes, and I have apologised for the misunderstanding. I refrained from suggesting a visit to Dover Castle dungeons, recommending a cream tea at Walmer Castle instead. Reparation? Mum has a mobility issue, so I will offer her a vacant shower room when they arrive as an option to their booked bathtub. I struggle to get out of it myself.

I’ve seen this feature. I think that Airbnb should change it so that guests can’t pick times that are outside of the listing’s stated check in time.


Airbnb has itself allowed the guest to develop an expectation you’ve not committed to delivering.

If this leads to a sub-5 rating for check-in / overall, I would ask Airbnb to remove the rating as it’s not your fault that they were disappointed.

Agree with @EllenN that the options should only be within the host’s permitted window. Maybe you can raise this with Airbnb and see what they say?


I will talk to Airbnb about it. I’ve looked at recent bookings, as this is definitely the first time this has popped up. Anyway, they are here now and very lovely. They didn’t mention it and are very pleased to have the shower room:):wink:


The only time I saw “guest check in time will be 5-7pm” was with an instant book for same day check in.
That made sense to me as if they’re arriving on the same day it allows the host to know when to expect a guest. However it is strange they allowed an option outside of your check in window

If AirBnB had decent software they would have caught this and notified each party with a pop-up window.


I agree.

I get quite a few guests who are… shall we say… optimistic about their arrival time. I just make sure to check when I get the initial message and politely set them straight.

I’d rather know they are trying to arrive early than previously when I’d often have to chase an approximate arrival time. My favourite thus far is 2 a.m. on the night booked and a chap staying at the moment arrived three hours early, but as he had flown in, was clearly beyond exhausted and the room was ready. I let him in and he’s been very appreciative ever since.