New cancellation metric?

Sorry if this has been discussed and I missed it. Is this a new, relaxed metric for Superhosts? I had always thought the cancellation category was required to be 0% to maintain SH.

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I always get mixed up bewteen the greater than and the less than thingies so forgive me if I’m being totally daft … but I read that as meaning that our target is ‘less than 1%’ and as we can’t have a percentage of a cancellation, it means zero.

Oh, and I’m completely sober :rofl:


Isn’t the sun over the yardarm somewhere? Knock back a few and redo the calcs!!


That’s what I’m reading too but I thought prior to this last assessment it had read 0.00% like the other one. It looks to me like this WOULD allow at least one cancellation and still remain a SH. And I’m completely sober as well maybe that’s why it’s confusing me.

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Ah, that’s it - I need a drink :rofl:


No. New regs 1 cancellation every 100 bookings.


Not “one cancellation”, but less than one percent cancellation rate, meaning less than 1 out of 100 confirmed reservations within the past year. I.e. unless you have at least 100 confirmed reservations within the past year, you can’t even have one cancellation and still make Superhost.

Thanks. Again, though, I have not seen this before, so I’m wondering if it’s new or just rolling out in different areas? And if we are making assumptions on what they’re basing it on, we honestly don’t know what their algorithm will do. Not that I plan on cancelling. I never have and don’t intend to now. But I know my stats do not always match what my calculations say they should be.

So, as curious as I am about this I’m more curious about the “extra rewards and recognition” …so what are they and how do I get them?? :joy: I’m a superhost and get nothing…a guest was telling me that another superhost nearby told them she was sent a new mattress for being a superhost! What’s that all about?!?

The mattress thing was an OLD promotion from Tuft & Needle (and I think perhaps a few other online mattress companies). Nothing offered by Airbnb. T&N would send a mattress if you showed your listing w/ SH status. (I got a free queen sized mattress!)

The idea was since they had no show rooms, guests could fall in love with a comfy Airbnb mattress and order their own.


They were floating this idea on the Airbnb community boards a while ago.

It’s a way for the mega-corp-volume-booking-hosts to have an occasional cancellation and still reach SH status. They want cancellations to be a super-rare event, but now a host with 1,000 bookings a year can have up to 10 cancellations.

I personally think it will dilute the value of SH. When I book a SH, I feel assured they’ll do everything to avoid cancelling. Not so much anymore.

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Yes, it appears that is exactly what it’s for. However, I would argue that it doesn’t dilute the value of Superhost from a cancellation perspective. I imagine a multiple-listing Superhost with <1% cancellation rate is less likely to cancel than a single-listing Superhost that hasn’t maintained Superhost status for very long. Given the “burn and churn” of new hosts, I would actually expect the aggregate cancellation rate of all Superhosts to decrease after factoring in the multiple-listing hosts that were previously ineligible.

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I think it’s a good policy. Its minimal enough to not be a common thing but it also will keep someone from burning out or stopping completely. Life happens and sometimes being able to cancel once every 100 guests may keep some good hosts around longer. Personally I don’t want to be there if the host is struggling or doesn’t really want me there.