New calendar layout

Dear Fellow Hosts, I’m upset at the new calendar layout; it offers no improvement, and the functionality is poor. I generally set a minimum of 10-day stays, and then later, as the dates get booked, try to fill some gaps between the longer stays by reducing the minimum stay to 4-6 days. The way the new calendar is set up, the user-friendly functions have become not-so-friendly and customizing shorter stays is testing my patience. Has anyone noticed a new calendar layout?

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Yes, I noticed and I agree. I think it’s a matter of getting used to it. I find that using the calendar in the app is a little easier for wht I want to do most often which is block or unblock individual days.

Yes easy in app

The functionality difference between website & app calendar/pricing & availability has become wider.

The website offers several things the app doesn’t or maybe I can’t figure out how to access them on the app.