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New Calendar format


Seems AirBnB has a new calendar format. There used to be a a way to see what the guest pays just by selecting the dates in the calendar and hitting a link on the right side. This seems this has been removed? The only other way I see to do that now is to preview the listing and pretend your booking?
Thanks in advance,


Same, I have only been able to find the total guest pricing by inquiring for my own listings under the listing’s preview option. If the total price is being inquired about by a guest, I simply respond " The total price is displayed for you by Airbnb, which includes their fees and taxes that are unknown to me". (aka, they can do the leg work figuring it out on their own)


I wouldn’t even bither to look. If a guest wants to know the total they’re being charged, ask Airbnb if they don’t see it. The people asking almost always want to dicker or make some kind of deal for less than the listed price…


I often want to see the price at which a guest booked. Early on, I listed for less – would just be nice to know.

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