New bookings in the UK on/before 18 April temporarily blocked

So, we signed up to Airbnb’s COVID-19 Frontline Stays programme this morning. Ten minutes later, we receive an email announcing that new bookings that start on it before 18 April 2020 have been temporarily blocked. The only exceptions are:

Booking made through the Frontline Stays programmes; or
Existing stays that are underway.

They are listening to concerns from hosts and local communities, apparently. Hosts can still sign up for th Frontline Stays programme and choose to charge or not charge.

Odd timing for us, though. We’re doubtful partaking in the scheme will help bookings but if might help workers needing a place, as we’re a 5 minute walk from out city’s hospital.

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It’s making the press in the U.K. now. Short article in the Guardian suggests it may have been prompted by recent BBC artice:


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I read the BBC article at the time. It’s clear reporting breaches of the law is important and I’m sure many hosts were. It does then adversely effect those genuinely needing accomodation and hosts complying with the law.

Yes my calendar is blocked until the 18th of April. Right now Im hosting a couple that are practically stranded in the country and want to extend. So I messaged customer service and they said instead of extending the stay (obviously I cant because the calendar is blocked) , I can request the money for those nights from the resolution centre. Like… what…? They make the rules and then giving you ways to cheat them :joy::woman_facepalming:t2:

Your other option is to go off platform, they’ve not left you much option.

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I’d simply let them extend with you privately then.


If I trusted the guest I would absolutely extend with direct payment.


I don’t personally know the guest and never met them in person. I collected the payment today through the resolution centre with no problems thankfully. Theres no extra fees either which is a plus. Its easier than collecting myself as I dont have a business PayPal and I’d rather not give my personal details out.