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New beta feature I just noticed: offer guest 10% discount if they choose non refundable reservation


We listed our home last month, and soon after enabled the beta 10% non-cancelable discount offer. Since then we’ve had (2) requests to cancel reservations where the guests chose the non-refundable option:

  • Guest requested to change reservation that was starting 48 hours later, to a weekend 6 weeks later, as someone in their party was sick. I declined the change request, and they decided to make the trip without their ill family member. Still waiting to see if we get a subpar review for this. I think it’s a cr@p policy that Airbnb allows a guest to request a change like this, which makes us look like the bad guy.

  • Tonight, another guest requested to cancel their 3 night weeknd stay, after the event they were coming for was cancelled. As it’s about 2.5 weeks away, I’ve offered to refund 2 of the 3 nights as a gesture of good faith, which I think is more than generous based on their decision to choose the lower rate when booking.

I compare the guests booking choice to that when booking a Southwest Airlines ticket, and choosing the Wanna Get Away price is less expensive, but doesn’t allow you to cancel like their more expensive Anytime or Business Select option.


All very well
The Airbnb extenuating circumstances policy still applies- so I really can’t see the point of offering this


Why did you approve refund if 2 of the 3 days if you were getting the booking with the lower price non-refundable option?


No way would I have refunded this, particularly since they opted to save money by choosing the non-refundable option. In any event, I don’t refund unless I rebook (and they’ve asked for a refund), but if the guest had gotten a deal for a non refundable reservation, I don’t think I’d refund at all. Also, if I am refunding, I don’t do it until the reservation date passes and we’ve actually received the money.


Exactly. You are offering a non refundable discount. Oh my gosh, that means discount hunters! And we all know what they’re like.


The fact that Airbnb even ENTERTAINS the idea of refunding the non-refundable
10% discount option is rediculous. The fact that they put the onus on the Host is just almost criminal. Thanx for the info, because now I have made my decision that I won’t be opting in to this scheme.


I offered the refund for 2 reasons:

They are a first time Airbnb user, and I’d rather not scare them away from the platform. I also Turo a few of my cars, and many of the hosts there are all about the short term gain and gouging guests for small things, which will ultimately lead people to go back traditional rental car agencies.

Secondly, we have openings before and after this renters stay. At worst I think we’ll rent it for the 2 days I refunded (we have no unbooked weekends until the 2nd week of June), and at best, we’ll pick up a reservation that wants the house for a day or 2 more before and after this early February weekend.


That’s not a good analogy because you can cancel a SW wanna get away reservation and the funds can be applied to a future booking but expires within a year.

That’s nice of you and I hope it pays off for you. I’ve read so many posts from new Airbnb hosts who have been taken advantage of by “first time users” who seem to know more about the platform than the host, that I’ve become a bit cynical.

Letting people get away with choosing non-refundable and then you acting as their travel insurance will get old fast. Two such cancellations in a month seems like a lot to me but I know nothing about your listing or market.

Welcome to the forum, luckily you’ve found us before the major problems start, not afterwards.


Thanks KKC. After speaking to the wife, we think we’ll stick with the 10% off option a little longer, but put something in the listing to the effect of “If you choose the non-cancel-able option, please do not ask for a change or cancellation with refund”.


If this is the case then do NOT offer the 10% NON-refundable discount option. You are teaching new users the wrong things here.

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