[NEVER MIND -- Solved!] Odd Luggage Behavior. Thoughts?

Here’s a new one – the guest has checked out, but left their suitcase sitting in the driveway. It is artfully concealed (not!) beside one of the trash bins.

They have not exchanged any messages during their stay nor responded to my cheery “thanks for booking, safe travels” morning-of-check out message.

What, if anything, should I message them. “Did your leave your suitcase in the driveway after check out? We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.”

Their previous reviews are glowing with regard to neatness and cleanliness. The suite is a bit of a mess, trash not in receptacles, dirty dishes piled up, but some of my cleaning supplies taken out of the closet and left about.

It’s almost looks as if they got interrupted and fled.

This has dead body written all over it. How big is the bag? LOL


Oh my! Not big enuf unless chopped into VERY small pieces!

Seriously, is it concealed or left there for disposal? I would go check it out. If it’s locked, I wouldn’t break in but I’d definitely see if it’s empty.

Oh, you’re briliant. There is indeed a little note taped on the side “please throw out.” I’m still a little scared to open it!


Too bad I’m so far. I’d be opening it and making sure there’s nothing valuable inside. If it has a zippered lining be sure to check for the cash they hid in there and then forgot.

I just read a blog post from a author I follow who “hid” money and her passport in her dog’s bed, inside the zippered lining. Then she threw the bed out and drove hundreds of miles away before she remembered. Funny but also disturbing. LOL.

(@JJD, same author I told you about)


Last post in what turned out to be a 2 person convo – empty and quite new, just a few travel scrapes, 21 inch London Fog spinner. I’m keeping it.


This reminds me of the time I tried to throw out an old t-shirt in Japan. My next trip (when I checked in) I was handed my t shirt. The hotel had washed, pressed and packaged it so they could return it to me. I had to pack it in my suitcase to take home so that I could toss it in the trash. LOL Imagine the host rescuing the suitcase and sending it back to the guests!


I’m sad there was no cash in it.


What is a London fog spinner? I may want one too!!

A quilting group I used to belong to had raffles for the quilts and used to raise quite a bit of money for charities. They weren’t your typical granny-type quilts, they were pretty fancy and unusual. Everyone got a square of the same fabric, always cotton velvet, to decorate as they liked, the quilt sashing was satin, there was a theme which went with whatever charity we were donating to that year (for instance, one year the proceeds were donated to Therapeudic Riding- the theme was “People and Animals”) We would set up at music and craft festivals.

One summer, after a day sitting selling raffle tickets, one of our members stashed the money, several hundred dollars, that had been collected that day in her deep freeze, until she could get to the ATM to deposit it in our quilt account. Then she forgot about it.

She went out of town for two weeks, and in her absence someone who was staying at her house accidentally unplugged the freezer. She came home to a freezer full of rotting, stinking food, shovelled it all into garbage bags and took it to the dump.

It was only when she was halfway home that it hit her- The quilt money! :scream:

She drove back immediately, resigned to digging through the bags of slimey rotten food, but the dozer had already buried it, along with another thousand garbage bags.

Suitcase! But sadly it’s a knock-off, the stitching is crooked and the telescoping handle is wonky. Off to the curb with it; someone will pick it up.

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I would never, in my born days, thought it was a suitcase !!! Thank you for solving my query!!