Neighbourhood works

It looks like my neighbour that lives at 200 meters is selling is house and the new owner will do some restyling at the house. My house is in the countryside and with the works it will be some noise. Of course is not my fault but do I have to contact all my future reservation and let them know, or wait and see how laut they will be? Do i have to give the chance to cancell without penalty? I have been myself in 2 l
Airbnb property with some builders on the same floor of the flat rented and nobody call me or apologies
Thanks for you help

If this work needs a permit, you could go to your city’s or town’s building department to read the permit documentation. This will tell you if the work is primarily outside or inside. Even indoor work can be quite loud since carpenters often set up their saws outside to cut there.

I would also find out what hours construction work is allowed. In our city, construction can begin as early as 7am and must be completed by 8pm. No commercial construction is allowed on Sundays. Your location will have different rules.

That last thing you might try is to ask the new owners when they plan to do this work, so you can only potentially alert the guests that would be affected. But keep in mind, construction seems to happen when it happens with little control from the owner.

If your listing stresses quiet and solitude, I think you will want to alert your future guests. If your listing stresses proximity to shops and restaurants, maybe not.

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Thanks Susan . The works here are from 8 am till 7 pm. Inside the house no problem but of course outside you can hear theme. Hopefully they will start in November wenn i stop renting till March. But of course my house is listed as quite peaceful and relaxing place

If the construction noise can’t be heard inside your house, unless your guests spend a lot of time outside (you have a pool, barbecue, etc.) I don’t think you need to say anything. Directly across the street from us the old house was torn down (demolition is loud) and a brand new one was built (also loud). We didn’t say anything to our guests in advance. We provide earplugs and warned guests that as there is construction across the street they might want to use them if they wanted to sleep in. None of them complained.

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I provide a white noise machine (Amazon ~ $40) to be used in case of neighborhood dog barking/other noise. No one has used it but all seem thankful the option is there. I get remarks like “You think of everything!”


I might be facing this myself with a house getting possibly built catacorner to me…and honestly, I don’t think I will be telling guests. Does a hotel do that when you book a room with them? Never! It’s completely out of my control what neighbors do. I can only control so much.

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I agreed, but what happen if guests complain about the noise. Do we have to refund guests for something that is not our fault? Once in the house there was a couple with a crying baby and my guests complain. …at 200 meters away :persevere::persevere::persevere:

No don’t refund. How are you responsible for that? Guests are getting so entitled and spoiled.

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