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Neighbor violating state order

@RiverRock Did you have any issues with ABB when you changed your listing details? I tried to change our Google listing to show “Open to first responders only until May 4” and got a message that my listing was flagged for review and that changes should not be made during this period. :thinking: So I haven’t changed the ABB listing or any other platforms.

Being nosy I did a search in my area for May 9-12. Over 300 listings appeared. Most had ridiculous rates like $35/night. Only 1 of the 10 descriptions stated “rentals to Covid 19 essential responders”. Yes still renting regardless of restrictions to 5/15.

The same thing is going on in my area. There is a $5000 fine for people who violate but I guess people are taking the risk regardless - that or they are accepting inquiries and do not want to appear blocked.

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I did the same thing - only for April dates. Out of 200 listings 135 are accepting reservations. 65 of those were shared house/apartments. Only one mentioned cleaning to Airbnb Covid-19 recommendations. Our listing is dropping in the rankings. Makes me sad but not willing to open just yet. Our area had a 6% increase in cases in the last 24 hours. We will be shut down for a while.

OTOH a group of people protested today about not being able to fish. The ones in boats were social distancing but the ones on shore not so much. Tomorrow will be a “open up” rally at a city park. Sigh - expect more cases in 2 weeks.


Ours too, yikes. We usually are on the first page but after searching incognito thru 10+ pages each way: instant book, not IB, super host, not SH, different cities, etc, we still haven’t shown up. No good deed unpunished. But dang it, I’m still doing the responsible thing. I’ll just have to burn down my competition … :thinking: JK!

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I haven’t even checked my other local listings. Nor have I watched my views or where we show up (used to be on the first page). We just closed the doors, blocked three rooms, and put not open until July 2020. Everyone had already canceled for these months anyhow. I have had one lonely inquiry and booking for Sept.

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Ditto. I checked for an August booking. The listings not blocked for April/May and offering current April/May super low prices are now displaying in the first positions.

Guess that is their risk/reward balance.

The violators will ruin what little is left of our STR businesses.

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Things I learned this week:

1. Don’t forget to adjust seasonal setttings
In March when Covid19 changed the landscape I adjusted my listing for minimum of 7 day stays; I was surprised, when last Thursday, I got an instant booking for 3 days starting the next day.

It seems that even though I adjusted for a minimum 7 day stay, I had a seasonal setting (February, March, April) for minimum of 3 day stays. I do that during prime season to avoid 2 night stays, but in this case it overrode the longer.

Since he had all 5 star ratings, was instant book, and for the next day, I let it ride.

2. Why would someone from Los Angeles drive 6-7 hours for a get away with his girlfriend.

If someone was looking for desert sun why not just go to Palm Springs (only 2-3 hours from LA) rather then drive an additional 4 hours to Phoenix.

Their car was gone each day, all day, and never used the pool or rear yard. Where do you go when seemingly everything is closed? Today I discovered the answer.


Someone’s a Snitch.

Yes, thank god. When an individual’s actions threaten the health and safety of a community then we depend on members of the public to report it to the authorities.


In this case, I hope so.


I checked with a couple homes in the same area my home is in. One said he may not be able to rent since the county hadn’t lifted the directive and therefore woukd get back to me but the other home owner I contacted said he would rent privately and payment could be made thru zelle. Shame on him. If the county found out he would be fined, imprisonments or both.

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Would you prefer people to continue to host and put their communities at risk @Onefroggiegurl?


I’m hosting workers at the power plant and pipefitters working on the gas pipeline. We had gas shortages that led to homes being without heat and frozen/burst pipes last winter. They have to work now when the ground isn’t frozen and it can’t wait. If they wait, there will be more gas shortages. When that happens, people do actually freeze to death and it happens every year. Some of the more vulnerable seniors don’t want to leave their home even if its too cold.
If some other hosts started nosing around in my reviews and reporting things, and it led to trouble here, where would my guests go? So please, mind your own business.

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We are looking to offer it to first responders but they are mostly wanting to book through July and we have some guests who are hold-outs and refuse to cancel. Airbnb was not helpful with this at all. Airbnb has been very difficult lately. People cancelled, we offered full refunds, but then hear back from the cancelled guest that they didn’t get a full refund. Its a pain to have to fix these issues. We often wait on the phone for an hour and then get someone on the phone who doesn’t really know what they are doing.

Sorry, but every time a host violates local laws she or he causes trouble for all other hosts. It IS my business because it affects the reputation of all hosts. Every time an Air host causes problems the rest of us suffer. It’s not about you, it’s about keeping our communities safe for everyone.

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