Negative review and apology

A recent guest sent me an apology for leaving my Airbnb accommodation untidy, after I had written a negative review. She sounded genuine and explained that it was her first stay in an Airbnb (I guessed that when I accepted her booking as she had no reviews). Is it possible for me to leave a note on her profile stating her genuine apology and her ignorance of understanding the difference between an Airbnb and a hotel?

I would call Air and ask for an edit. They will usually do that for you.


dont know why you need to apologise, just because its someones first stay you don’t leave it untidy.


She can also take accountability for her ignorance, and tell the next host that she was new and promise not to leave their place untidy when she asks to book.


We stayed in a hotel last month for the night, even my children were cleaning up and putting rubbish away and all dirty towels together. I heard my 11 yrs say, it;s leave it nice for the lady who has to clean. I did not mention that fact that he assumed it was a lady but he see’s what we do for our guests and I suppose he was picked up good habits and appreciation.


Many thanks for your replies, very much appreciated.

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I think it’s nice that you want to reciprocate your guest’s apology. That’s what Airbnb is all about. At least it used to be… You could leave her a reference? I think she has to ask you to do that though.