Need to vent about a NON-GUEST

I have been talking to this guest for three weeks, she asked many questions and started off at a 7 day stay that she asked for a discount, i granted one because of the longer stay, then it went to 6 days, to 5 days then 3 days. Our conversation thread is super long, I sent 9 offers to her with her promising to pay every day, because the special offer expires after 24 hours. then NOTHING. why would someone do that?

Dunno why someone would do that, but friggin’ run like hell! If they’re this much of a pain before even booking, imagine what they’ll be like during their stay! I would definitely decline them at this point.


totally agree Melissa, thanks


As you start reading this forum, you’ll find that there is a strong correlation between guests who ask for discounts ahead of their stay, and quality of guests. The general consensus has been to not offer any discounts (unless you already have your platform set up to offer week, month-long discounts, etc.)


i will keep that in mind, still learning, thanks


After the stay became 6 days I’d remove the discount, block the days, tell her it booked and report and block her if she kept messaging me. As @MelissaMH said it’s really helpful to read advice here and follow in advance to try to avoid problems.


Agree with other replies on here, unfortunately not all potential guests are reliable. She may have a lot going on and isn’t sure what to book or she might be looking around to see what type of deal she can secure.

Either way it sounds like you have already had to put in a lot of time and effort in terms of communication and securing a booking. It might be best to draw a line under this!

A little tip - If it’s possible screen guests in advance (good for peace of mind)!

both good comments. I have a hard time with that mentally, part of me just says that of course guests are going to be pains sometimes and that goes with the territory, but a small part of me just wants every guest to be easy.


Dream on, Bryan. :slight_smile:

Truly I’ve been hosting guests in my home and in separate apartments for almost forty years and you’re never going to have 100% easy guests. Aim for 99%…


In an ideal world all guests would be communicative, thoughtful and totally tidy! You are right - hosting comes with ups and downs (hopefully more ups than downs).

Try and keep smiling and fingers crossed you will get lovely guests from now on in.


I’ve learned to cancel guests who ask for x-tras, favors, discounts or who need too much communication prior to arriving. Better to cancel and block them. People who fish for discounts love the chase of a better deal but never go through with actually booking. They are a waste of time. These types of people are better in a hotel or resort where there is a full time concierge service. My advice, run your BnB like a business. It’s not personal, it’s business. Your in it to make money. People who don’t respect that won’t respect you or your home.


that is a great way to think about it…we just dont have the traffic yet to be so steadfast, hopefully soon

Discount request is always NO response. Mistake was to give one. They may have gone elsewhere

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I’ll keep that in mind thanks for your response

forget about her. your time is precious. she’s a difficult person that would probably find something wrong and give you a bad review.

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Rather confused @bryan114 as to why you keep sending offers to this guest who is messing you about? And why send a special offer for a guest only staying 3 or 5 days?

I would suggest you block this ‘guest’ so they can’t communicate or book with you. As we stay in the UK ‘they are taking the piss’.


Wouldn’t it be nice if the guest would just write and say "I can see you are new and in this competitive environment you must be desperate. What kind of deal will you give me in exchange for the privilege of having me stay with you?


Block the days so she can’t book. She’s too problematic.

Send a special offer for 4X the normal rate. That should send her off to someone else.



That’s too funny!!! I’ll do that next time