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Need to get into my agent's Airbnb profile - he passed away and i need to resolve what booking i am still owed money for


Hi Fellow hosts!
I have a rather complex issue. I have an apartment which my agent was renting out for me on Airbnb in Cape Town South Africa. He recently committed suicide, and has left me not knowing what bookings were a) still in the pipleine for my apartment, and also, b) having not paid me out for the previous 6 weeks’ bookings.

I desperately need to contact airbnb to a) get a full idea of how many rentals his estate owes me for,
b) How much the rate was that he charged these bookings at, in order to work out how much money i am still owed.
c) find out if there are any bookings coming up
d) make sure the property is no longer listed under his business on airbnb.

If anyone knows who/how i can directly contact someone at Airbnb Cape Town, in order to resolve these issues? I looked on the trhead that had all contact numbers on it biut there was no number for Airbnb South africa…HELP! PLEASE!


I am sorry that your agent committed suicide. What a horrible place he must have been in.

It sounds like for some reason you didn’t have any access to the listing the agent set up for you.

You can contact Airbnb by phone or social media. If you go to Airbnb Community Centre and look at the Help Discussion, there is a thread at the top called CONTACT US. It has all the customer services numbers and social media contacts. If there isn’t a phone number for South Africa, try them on Twitter or Facebook.


Thanks for your response.
Yes, it was devastating to find out that he’d taken his life. Very upsetting to know that he was in such a desperate place. Now we are left to try and pick up the pieces.


Absolute nightmare, South Africa is the same as USA number
1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)
Or Twitter
Step 1: Log into Twitter
Step 2: Search for @Airbnbhelp and choose “Follow” them.
Step 3: Send a Direct Message (DM) explaining your issue and wait for their response.


The person you need to speak to is the Executor. can not imagine ABB would share that information, well I certainly hope not.


Yes, unless he was listed as YOUR co-host on Airbnb I can’t imagine they would share information with you. As far as they are concerned the listing is his. You may not be entitled to what your property has earned. Perhaps he was in debt, if so creditors will be paid in order. What a sad story. Yes get in touch with the executors.

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