Need to cancel last night of stay

Hi Folks,
My hubby has booked his buddies into our place overlapping one night with clients. It is not until the 1st Feb.The clients are booked for 7 nights.
What are my options?

Thanks in advance


I would say your hubby needs to tell his buddies they can’t come until a day later. You’ve already made a commitment to your client that they could stay there.


Hubby and friends are not paying guests. Your paying guests should come first. If you make any changes to their reservation, it will not only ruin their vacation, but they will also give you a bad review.


How did your hubby manage to book his friends in? Surely the guests were already on the calendar? Make sure he uses the same Airbnb calendar or synchronises to it.
Your paying guests have to come first - because they were first and you’ll get a bad review or penalties for cancelling them.

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Hubby didn’t Book them, did he? Just told them to come X to Y. The Calendar will not allow overlapping bookings. Your other guests could leave Monday morning and his buddies arrive Monday afternoon (after he’s cleaned and spiffed the place up), but that’s all.

He needs to man up and tell his buddies he messed up.


If a host told me they needed to cancel the last night of my stay they would lose my entire booking but not everyone is a rude, entititled you know what like I am.

You could try offering them accomodation in the a comparable Airbnb or hotel at your expense.

Well I guess it is MY fault.
The boys go this weekend EVERY year.
I had just extended the 6 month booking window into this period and had not blocked this weekend. Then boom guest instant booked.
His buddies have already booked their flights for their usual weekend.

I am looking at solutions hubbys side too…but that is not for this forum.
It is a recent booking for 5 months out and only the last night is double booked. The guests mentioned wanting to see other resorts and I was thinking of offering to pay for their last night in one of these resorts.

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I think if you explain it just the way you did in this last post and make that offer that is a reasonable and generous compromise. I would keep my booking in that scenario.

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I think hubby has decided to pay to rebook his buddies flights.
So problem solved.
I have turned off instant book.


I only have 3 months in the future. I couldn’t cope with 6.


ive had this situation before, you cant just cancel a guest and perhaps ruin their entire holiday for your friends, this is a business remember, i would tell your friends they will have to come a day later or find somewhere else to stay

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wouldnt it be cheaper to rent a hotel room /another airbnb for one night than rebook flights?


If you cancel the guest you will experience penalties both financial and with your listing rankings. If you are a super host, you will lost that status too.

You need to make sure whatever solution you find it’s with the guest making the changes not you. I would reach out to the guests and asks them how you can make this better.

Many thanks for all your replies.
This problem was evident to me as soon as the guest instant booked.

So cancelling immediately would not have inconvenienced them.

I am trying to understand what options I * might * have should something similar happen again.

Is switching off instant booking my only choice other than staying on top of my calendar. (Which I aspire to along with losing weight, flossing daily, sunscreen, checking my tyre pressures, helping kids with homework, publishing research, having amazing date nights, walking dog, being mindful)?

It IS cheaper for hubby to rebook his friends flights and we have more control over them than unknown guests, who may or may not be interested in my offer for a night in another ski resort. So this problem now solved at a significant cost to me.

I am not a perfect person, I have kids and a job and am just trying to supplement the cost of my holiday home and make it work for the community too as otherwise it is a dead tooth in the village. So those who have sinned please advise on options for cancelling immediately you get an unsuitable booking.

I’ve turned off instant book because of this but obvs that will affect my listing status.

Sorry if I sound snarky but the “oh I wouldn’t have come this way” comments are not helpful.

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There aren’t many aside from discussing with the guest and assessing their willingness to work with you. You really don’t want to cancel if you can avoid it. The penalties can be harsher than our snarky comments.

Your best option is to ask the guest to cancel right away. You can reimburse any fees incurred on their side. If this is not the kind of thing that happens often then I’d turn IB back on. The problem isn’t IB, its your calendar not being properly blocked off. I believe you can go in and block next year’s dates now.

I think you might also have the option to call Airbnb explain the situation and cancel without penalty once for a situation like this. The are more generous with IB hosts on cancellations. Just don’t abuse it and don’t appear to be violating any of their policies (like cancelling on a minority) and you should be fine.

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Stuff happens. Da boyz have been doing it for years. Nice, but with respect, a bit dull. For one night they can stay in a hotel and behave like boys. Something with a theme would be fun, like a cabin in the woods. A Disney theme. Or Star Trek.

When they arrive you can ask them to help you clean up. Now I am dreaming in Technicolor!


With respect Mandi, your comment is off topic.
I haven’t come on here to seek advice of how my hubby who can hold down friendships for 40 years needs to be more “Vegas”. They do it every year precisely because it FUN.
They have been friends for 40 years because they are FUN, loyal and supportive to each other.

For what its worth it is off-piste skiing. For a bunch of middle aged Dads…not bad.
Many women do not encourage their husbands male friendships.
I do because I understand suicide and mental health problems intimately.
Friendship is one of life’s buffers and frankly it is more important that Airbnb ratings or money.

I had to ask Mr. Google what “off piste skiing” is, but wow, I’m impressed!! :smiley:

Am curious what country/state your Airbnb is in?

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Madam, please accept my most sincere apologies if I have caused offense. It was certainly not my intention. I responded as a host. My own expertise with mental illness is limited to a mother who committed suicide and a psychopathic father, along with the predictable C-PTSD. Airbnb and this forum have been instrumental in my recovery, and I am grateful for it.

Like many others however I find myself being misunderstood. I take my leave.

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JustMandi, I don’t think you said anything offensive. In fact, I thought your suggestion of a theme night was sweet and thoughtul.