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I had the lovliest guests stay at my Airbnb over the weekend. They were so awesome and left me this great review. The only thing is they mentioned my place being 1.3 miles walking distance from the Jazzfest (Fairgrounds), French Quarter and Frenchman Street. The Fairgrounds is correct but, Frenchman is .5 miles and the Quarter is .3 miles. That’s a big difference when you’re walking! I think the confusion comes because mapquest uses the opposite end of the French Quarters in their directions which actually is about 1.3 miles. You’d have to walk through most of the Quarter to even get there! The liveliest part of Frenchman is still only .5 miles away.
I advertise being 4 blocks from the quarter so a potential guest reading the review might think i’m deceiving them. How do I correct the distances in my responce to such an awesome review without coming off as a completely ungrateful, nitpicky, prick? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thank her for her kind words and offer a gentle correction. The actual distance is _____


Thanks @konacoconutz. Does this sound ok?
“ Thank you so much for the kind words. I hope to see you two back next year!

Also, for anyone curious, the actual walking distances are 0.4 miles (9 mins) to Bourbon St. on the Southeast side of the French Quarter. 0.6 miles to the best of Frenchman St. (15 mins) and 1.4 miles (32 mins) to Jazzfest.”


Nice one! 2020202020

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I’d ignore it. Very soon, that review will be buried as other guests add theirs. But if you really want to reply, what you wrote above sounds perfect.

It’s a good idea to give the exact distances, as you have done. (Are they also in your listing?) My other half walks to the beach from here in 25 minutes. It takes me 45 minutes because I amble and gawp at the scenery. :slight_smile:

Walking times are one of those weird things - I recently had a review that stated that it was easy to walk from the rental to restaurants and bars but a long way to walk to the beach. In fact, they are both the exact distance away.


[quote=“jaquo, post:5, topic:22497”]
I’d ignore it.
[/quote] This is actually my mothers’ advice.
No, I don’t have it in my listing already. I need to add it. I’m still very new to Airbnb so my listing is still a work in progress. I’m kinda leaning on the side of correcting the review. I decided to wait 24 hours to see what kind of responses I get on the forum, because I have a tendency to overreact! :grin: I hear what you say about it being buried in reviews. I only have 13 reviews now. I swear I sweat every review, but I guess after the 50th review they won’t matter anymore. :relieved:

It won’t. I promise :slight_smile:

Every host has a horror on waiting on reviews!
One petty princess was vicious in her review, critiquing everything like a faux hotel inspector. Every review before and after her has been great, but my ratings are still recovering…

Personally I wouldn’t give times because everyone walks at such a different pace.

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if you have space for another photo, you could add a little screen shot of the route

I wish that were the case. I have two listings in our B&B, one of which has consistently received 5* reviews for a year now. This w/e, although the guest praised us to the hilt in writing, she gave us four stars throughout. Another guest, having not said a word whilst here, dinked us for accuracy; she thought she was getting an entire place for three people, for £134. Granted she did say that it was probably her mistake, but still dinked us. The listing headline says B&B. So we’ve gone down from 100% 5* to 4.9%. I despair.

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Don’t despair! That happens to everyone eventually. This won’t hurt you a bit either. 4.9% qualifies you for everything and is something to be proud of. Don’t you love how some guests punish you for their lack of reading?


Thanks Mike. My despair is about people who don’t read, although sometimes it has a silver lining, like the woman who didn’t notice our cats prior to booking, then noticed their reviews are better than mine (!), so cancelled. She clearly hadn’t read any of the listing, as they are mentioned several times, including in HR re allergies. She fell foul of our moderate cancellation policy, having told me she would would cancel but not actually doing so in time, despite a reminder from me. She blocked our calendar over a long holiday weekend until the last minute, so I was not feeling generous on the refund issue. Silly moo…

Excellent idea! I’m going to do this today and add it to my listing! :smiley:

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