Need help with wording on a negative guest review

I need to put a negative guest review, not something I like, but I think they deserve it. Here is what happened:

On the day of check out, at 11:15am, I asked them when they can check out, it’s already late and our posted check out time is before 11:00am. They said they need more time, and I gave them another half hour. At 11:45am, I asked them again, but the response was "Just leave us along, you will see us leave when we leave, unless you want to see a 0 star review, " and some other really unfriendly words. I was shocked by it, but not much I can do. They finally left at around 1:00pm. The rooms were in pretty bad condition, unwashed dishes in the bedroom, which is clearly against my rule of no food in bedrooms. The sheets and duvet covers were stained as well. The floor was duty and food mess everywhere. There were also bad smelling in the bedroom which I could not identify what is it.

Should I put any detail in the review, or just a short generic one? I was really not happy with the threat they put on me, but it was verbal, so I guess not much I can do with it. Interestingly, he got very good reviews in his profile, and only one review also mentioned they left bad smelling in the bedroom, other than that, all perfect. The Airbnb rating system is so much inflated and become almost meaningless.

Do not leave a generic review. Slam them with the news that that they checked out late and left the place a mess. No one wants to host them and all one stars with thumbs down.


Please leave an honest review. Leaving a generic review does us no good to all.

I’m not sure why you asked them and why you hadn’t told them to be out on time?

Pay no attention to guests who threaten to leave a bad review. No, I’m correcting myself - DO pay attention to them and give them hell. I would be absolutely furious with a guest who said that and they’d get the full range of my carefully cultivated unpleasant language :wink:


I sent a friendly message to them around 10:00am to remind them the check out time is before 11:00am, which I do the same to every guests. But they just ignore it and stayed late. This rarely happens, I don’t know what I can do to be honest, except waiting them to leave.

That’s a terrible situation. I’m lucky because I’m on site. I go in and start stripping the bed - that tends to do the trick :wink:


P.S. I send my message the night before. I wonder if a little more advance notice makes a difference? It probably wouldn’t with the guests you’ve described - they sound awful.

So sorry this has happened to you. Please take a moment to catalog all that has happened and then a moment to calm yourself. This sounds pretty awful.

You should put in the details you want other hosts to know.

That’s what I was helped with on my review. Also if you haven’t already, take photos of any damage and have them pay if it is really bad.

Before you slam them in the review, document the threat on the Air message platform. by sending a final message to the guests. “I do not appreciate that you violated the House Rules check out time of 11:00 and threatened me with a bad rating, saying that you would leave when you wanted to leave, and if I objected, you would give me a zero star review.”

What the heck, also in the message ask for $100 to replace badly stained duvet, and state that they violated house rules of no food in rooms by leaving dirty dishes.

“You also violated the House Rule of no food in the bedrooms, leaving dirty dishes in the bedrooms. I am sending you a charge of $100 for replacement of the duvet cover which you permanently stained.”


You might also want to wait until the last moment to post your review especially if they don’t review first.


The checkout time is a hard limit not a suggestion. Lie and tell them the next guest is arriving at midday and you have to start cleaning - now! At 11.05am I go in with cleaning materials and start vacuuming and moving their shit out of the way. You are making it clear that they are no longer welcome paying guests but unwelcome intruders. If they didn’t immediately pack up and go I would tell them I had to call the police but that has never happened.


Pre-emptive strike! I like it.

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In the future I would definitely go in and start cleaning and just move their items just outside the door.


Short, truthful and to the point:

“CANNOT RECOMMEND Guest. Overstayed checkout time (2+ hours), left the place a total mess, violated several house rules, permanently stained a duvet, and threatened me with a 0 star review if I didn’t leave them alone on checkout day.”


This is a serious threat. Report them to Airbnb. Ideally they would be barred from reviewing. However I don’t think the system allows for you to review either in that case.

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@KenH Having read all of your suggested reviews, I hereby crown you the King of Awesome Airbnb Reviews.


Yes, I just started to send the thank you/good by message the night before instead of the morning. I also have a sign on the kitchen table that says what time check out is and if they want a little more time to ask the night before because the cleaners will show up. (LOL - I’m the cleaner).


I have a checkout message that works for me…

Good morning we truly hope you have enjoyed your stay, just a reminder that checkout is at 11:00 and the housekeepers are scheduled. Late checkout, 1:00 is available for a $50 fee please let me know as soon as possible if you would like late check out so I can let housekeeping know of the change.

With that message in the thread if they stayed late I would then just put in the request for the $50



I try not to leave any negative reviews in general. It’s just a stain on your listing of your amazing property. Future guests don’t need/want to know that drama existed in the place/bedroom that they want to spend their vacation in.

My good reviews are usually - we really enjoyed having them stay with us, or - they were perfect guests… etc.

For a bad review - I opt for the non-review. Something bland like ‘Thanks for staying with us’. Most aware hosts will understand that it’s not a good review.

You aren’t reviewing your listing you are reviewing your guest. On top of that your future guests are very unlikely to see the reviews you gave your past guests unless they are “in the know” hosts such as the ones on this forum.

This isn’t helpful at all.

I so dislike the hosts that think only of themselves and have no respect for the review system. Mind you it doesn’t deserve much respect but the least hosts can do is leave honest reviews.


This doesn’t make sense. The review is of the guest, and the audience is other hosts!
New guests won’t see your reviews of guests, they’ll see guests reviews of you.

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