Need help with homepage!

Hi guys.
We started first up with our two units on Airbnb. Had a great first two years, but then so many in this town also started up advertising on Airbnb, and that forced the prices down.
We now only have maybe 5% of bookings through Airbnb, the rest through and other platforms.
To avoid the fees the platforms do operate with, we decided making our own homepage. However, bookings through our homepage is almost none existing, even though the prices there are are lower than anywhere else.
We do have many hits on the webpage, but no bookings.
Is there anything on the page that might scare potential guests away?
What am I doing wrong? Please tell me…
Here it is:
Thank you all in advance.

I just don’t think that the home stay marketplace is much focused on finding accommodations OFF of major platforms. Travelers, especially those who have never done it before, want the security of reviews, guarantees and host vetting.


Do you have a chamber of commerce or any universities nearby or a visitors guide that you could advertise your listing/site in? I see that in our neck of the woods all the time for random houses here and there.

The scrolling from top to bottom was a bit hard to read over the pictures in the back. The clicking through of the pictures from left to right appeared to make them show in reverse, bottom to top? It was bit confusing s d busy, and I couldn’t tell what I had seen and what I was going to see … if that makes sense?

2 things - give your apartments a name to at least differentiate them - B and C - really? And they look so much the same…
The other thing is the way the pictures scroll - left or right please, looking on a phone made me nauseated.
My 4 have names - try googling Eliza Grafton- I do t have a web site but my property is easy to find and guests call me to book

those big icons are a bit scary TRIPADVISOR etc.
Maybe keep the same font throughout, what with all the social media fonts, there’s about 9 different fonts on one page

Sorry… maybe it’s me but I couldn’t even figure out your location. In the old days you wanted to make sure to have metatags also for search engines… looked at your source and didn’t see any.

What you’re doing wrong is nothing other than who the hell is gonna find your website? The platforms you use people KNOW about and are using to book their stays. No one knows to even find or see your site.

I will add to this though. The site is not awesome either, it’s rather clunky and ugly. I created this site for one of the spaces I host and though we definitely don’t book through it as frequently when I share it with interested parties we book it 90% of the time.

The key is that I first find the interested party and share it. Even though your site isn’t terrific you still need to be sharing it around social so people can find it.