Need help for my airbnb listing

Hi i need help with my summary im new to airbnb and i want to be a super host and grown in airbnb thanks

Hi Daniel, congrats on setting up your first place. Looks like you’re off to a good start.

Your apartment is very nice. But you mentioned the word “cozy” and I would suggest to help you make the room feel this way is to maybe add some artwork or framed pictures on the walls, some table side lamps, books or magazines. It’s very bare and plain in the room and gives off a cold feeling. And retake the photos if you do that.

Mention in your description where the room is located, upstairs or on the main ground level, or 2nd or 3rd floor. If I rented a car how far away is my room from parking?

Does the patio have furniture or is it just an overlooking balcony?

Take some photos outside your door or hall or what your building looks like and what’s around it.

Do you provide cookware, plates, all the essentials to dine or cook in your room? If so do you provide dining for 4 guests, pots and pans, toaster, microwave, do you provide towels, you need to Explain more details of what’s provided to us guests otherwise from the photos and your description it’s just a room for 4 and a place to sleep and wash my clothes.

Beds: room is for up to 3 guest but it shows one bed offered. What size is bed? Is the third person sleeping on a pull out sofa?

Why is the place safe? Is it a gated apartment accessed for guests only? Is it open to outside locals? Will I be bothered on the beach from locals selling me their products? Does it have secure parking ? Is there 24-7 security guards on property?

LOCATION: you mentioned that the place is located 5 minutes to airport, grocery, etc. is that walking distance? By car? Is it located on the airport property or down the street? Sounds like I might not need to rent a car or is there a shuttle at the village ?

Good luck and Hope this helps.

Thank plazagirl i will fix all the thing you told me :slight_smile: i want to know if theres a way i can contact you direct via pm for some advices

That is a gorgeous space and people who want Party Central are going to go nuts for that. You better put somewhere in your house rules how you expect guests to behave so they don’t bug the neighbors or you’ll end up having to call the police on wild parties.

@plazagirl girl already gave you a lot of great ideas. It does look like a nice place. 1.5 bathrooms? That’s awesome.

My additional thoughts - from the first picture I would expect some kind of water view, or proximity to water. If there is a swimming pool I would show a photo of that. If this is the beach, put the photo way down on the list. Airbnb shoppers, late at night, with many details of a trip to sort out, are not good at catching details such as that - they may well expect to see that view (gorgeous) from their window.

If possible, add an airbed or other way to increase guest count to 4 - you will be in a more competitive position and with 1.5 bathrooms that seems very doable.

Do you have a friend that could go with you to a discount store (do you have such a thing as Ross, TJ Max, etc?) Select a few things with some color to make the space more inviting and warm. Even some silk flowers in a vase, just a few touches - a colorful throw for the couch - decide how much you can invest. Do a little now, more later.

Perhaps some colorful place mats and dishes on the table, or a colorful bowl with some fruit on the counter, an area rug - no need to break that bank, just a few pieces here and there so it will look like a pleasant beach place. Can you hang something on the door of the apartment, like a small welcome sign, or wreath?

Good luck!

Tranks for all you advice i will do it thanks