Need help: dealing with a complaining guest who never checked in

Isn’t this another example of why cameras at the front door would be a great idea?

Sorry for this trouble, @Natalie- hope the bad run breaks NOW!

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Well, to complain about the “photos”, and the “heat”, and the “smell”, wouldn’t you have to be in the house???

Exactly. I wish I had a smart lock…then I could see if they ever even opened the front door. Grrrr.

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Like I tell my kids…we’re all learning…

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Sounds like just my kind of town.

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It’s great here, but we occasionally get people who are unaccustomed to different lifestyles, or different people walking around, and it can be a problem. For them. I would bet my ass these people have never left the midwest, much less have have passports…

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I know two Oak Parks… Illinois and Dallas. May I ask where you are?

Oops, missed that detail … :stuck_out_tongue:

We are Illinois. :blush: .

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She’s playing you. Don’t let her or them. All the confusion is a ruse. Don’t refund a thing.


First of all …


Did you send them any messages trough the AirBnB system?

If not, start your first message with saying that you noticed they never checked in, (and why you are sure they did not check in). Say something like has the code system got a log? Tell them it is empty.

Make sure you make it clear that they never checked in, and await their reply trough the system. no texting

I would not start anything trough the resolution centre. Keep the money, but make sure it is clear they dit not check in, so you can have any reviews removed. Also let AirBnB know trough the private system, they never checked in.


No, do not start a dispute trough the resolution centre.
And no do not reply to any texts messages anymore.

First get them to confess they never checked in, trough the normal message system, before doing anything else.


First of all, she was not the person who booked, and you dont even have to answer her.
It is obvious, that they made arrangements somewhere else after they booked, and now trying toget their money back. Do not refund them. They are trying to pull a scam


General comment - don’t let people who are not registered as guests into your premises. I have the following in my house rules:

For security reasons, no unregistered guests allowed into the house. Only your registered/approved party is allowed.

And try to get the names of the guests who are going to be staying in advance.


Lessons Learned:

  1. No Texting, No emails – all communication through AirBnb.
  2. If the person who made the reservation isn’t there, do not let anyone else have access to the space. Ever.
  3. Never ‘deal’ (communicate) with anyone other than the person who made the reservation.
  4. If you don’t live on site, spend the money for security cameras, smart locks or other technology to do the job(s) you can’t. This is simply the price of doing business if you don’t live on site and personally check guests in.

This needs to be posted prominently on this forum somewhere.

Perhaps we should start a thread “IF YOU ARE NEW HERE” and post just these types of things. Keep it at the top like we do the phone numbers?

What do you all think? The postings can be ‘juried’ so it doesn’t get crammed with chatter (of course I love the chatter! Just one clean posting with important info like what @KenH said would be great)


Exellent idea, because you guys got the experience and the talent to crystallize the advices.
Just the other day I repeated my self some of the tips I had read here.
“Your house - your rules” etc. :slight_smile:

There’s so much practical advice that you can get before finding them out in your hosting…

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I’m trying to,figure out how,they could know if neighbours,were lesbians. It’s none of their business.

Maybe they smell? Ok ok I’m just kidding, don’t yell at me I couldn’t resist!


I had the same idea, I already started a draft topic, but deleted it again.