Need guidance in proceeding with an inquiry for a student -led film shoot

For the record, the person inquiring is also my current longterm ABB renter)

I could use all eyes / ideas on deck to make sure I provide an airtight location agreement to this renter. This is a long term ABB renter (JAN - end of March 2020) who is also a Savannah College of Art and Design film student that wants to book my property for a 1 - 2 day film shoot. I am having her book separate using Peer space which is a local platform on which guests can book stays for film shoots, meeting spaces, corporate trainings etc. . (there is the extra liability coverage provided there)

I have drafted the following rules, to add to the Peerspace agreement but am wondering if I left anything out. . I am going to gather specific details from her on size of film crew, budget etc which may help to shape the agreement even further, but here is what I have so far (thanks in advance for your input!)

The film location booking guest (if different from the sleeping guest, AXXXXh CXXXy) needs to be on site at all times during shoot

Guest agrees to use property and its furnishings “as is” without modifying, painting or altering said items in any way. . .

Booking guest agrees to use the property for a film shoot only - - no casting parties or parties of any kind allowed. . .

Augmenting electrical systems - - not allowed

Affixing items to walls or ceilings or floors - - not allowed (includes command tape)

Moving large furniture around - - not allowed without host assistance

Smoking of ANY KIND (including but not limited to cannabis, vaping, hooka, cigarettes, cigars) (this pertains to all contracted workers that are a part of this site) - - not allowed

(please conduct a debriefing with the film production staff to share this)

Pets belonging to production staff - - not allowed indoors - - they are welcome to let pets run around in backyard fence .

3rd party entities will NOT BE allowed to have images of my property without my consent (including but not limited to smugmug, flicker, etc)

Included in the price is the cleaning fee (host will secure a cleaner post production)

Guest agrees to alert host if more electrical surge protectors are needed (please do not go unplugging things to make room for your electrical equipment, especially the cable TV systems) . .

Guest agrees to alert host if more garbage bins and/or bags are needed


Don’t depend upon it…


If they want to film at your house they should provide the contract and appropriate insurance. They will also need to get appropriate permissions covering parking on any public land from your local authority etc. @JJSmith36

The areas you mention should be included as an appendix to the contract.

And of course they should be paying a commercial day rate NOT an Airbnb rate.

What do you mean by there is ‘extra liability insurance’ on Peer Space.

As this guy is a long term guest you may want to offer him a reduced commercial rate.

I don’t understand the pets in the backyard thing. Why does a film crew need to bring their pets for a film shoot? You really want to be scooping up dog poo from who knows how many dogs in your yard?


I’ve had a film shoot on this property before, and yes - - one film crew member did bring their pets on site, believe it or not . .One of the cast members from Good Girls even asked to bring a pet indoors, to which I promptly declined. . So I make sure to cover my bases here. My property has a very large yard, so I don’t mind if they leave them outdoors. .

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