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Need a little advice on reviewing a guest...Would you mention this?


That was my goal, he was a good guest and I’m sure had no intentions of irritating me!

EDIT TO ADD REVIEW: Here’s what I ended up saying:

Thanks Mr. X for an easy pleasant stay! We enjoyed Mr. X’s company and chatting with him very much. He’s very interesting and wise, so the conversations were great! XYZ had great communication in regards to his check-in. He left his private areas and common areas clean and tidy. We hope that he slept well here, as his bedroom door appeared to be open at night and we do share a common (squeaky) hallway to guest/host bedrooms…We would welcome Mr.X back any time and highly recommend to other hosts!

A little sickeningly sweet, but I was trying to over-compensate for the open door portion of the review.

Thanks for the input all.


I don’t think I’m picturing the right thing you are talking about? I’m thinking of these big industrial things that are not necessarily for residential use? I would get one of these for sure if it would work though. The doors are solid wood, they shut snug to the trim/frame, I don’t know if a mechanism like this would work?


I was thinking about this sort of thing…


Thanks @jaquo, I will check it out!


I’m just curious, how come you didn’t close his door quickly?


Or, the most logical thing would have been to mention it after first night if it made you that uneasy.


Here’s your solution. Tell all guests that you ask that they close their door for safety reasons.


Thank you @K9KarmaCasa for the link- which everyone should read. Interesting indeed that ‘fire is getting faster’. I’d never thought about that but how true.

And here’s a scary statistic for anyone who hasn’t bothered to change the batteries in their smoke alarm (guilty - in my own apartment):

three out of five home fire deaths could have been prevented if there’d been a working smoke detector


Really? It’s not a “click and shut” door. As I mentioned earlier to @jaquo, it’s a snug fit, so would have been startling to him to say the least. I venture not into my guests quarters, unless we have a pre-set time to change sheets or empty trash.

Would anyone shut someone’s door who’s sound asleep? I think that would be weirder than him sleeping with the door open, frankly.


It was a mild concern the first night, more as in, uh, “why” would you not want your privacy? Second night? Ok, I’ll retire early as well and just bring my laptop up (from my triple monitor set up in my office. Mild inconvenience.) 3rd night? I just felt really bad because I needed to be in my office (not bedroom) for work purposes. It was unnecessarily noisy but easily avoided by a CLOSED DOOR.

I would not characterize my feeling as “uneasy”! Frustrated more than anything b/c I was put in a situation to wake up a guest when it could have been a non-issue with a CLOSED DOOR.

Logical? Well lets just say It was not even occurring to me during our friendly nightly conversations to ask, “what’s your issue with the door, buddy?”

I was planning on bringing it up on the morning of check out, which was where my level of concern was at it’s peak.


This video is so amazing! Thanks for posting. Puts to shame my petty problems. Thanks for this and “Close before you doze” everyone!


We change them when we go off daylight savings time every year. It’s an easy way to remember, as well as the carbon monoxide detectors which are also required here. Now I’ve added changing the batteries in the keypad lock.


Excellent idea - thanks for the tip.


My approach to things that go wrong / might ding me, is to address with the guest sooner than later. If not in person, than via a message (before a review is written).

In your case, since he had already left, I would have sent him a message stating “I’m sorry I didn’t have an opportunity to wish you off. I’d also like to apologize if there was more noise than usual last night. I had a client who wouldn’t let up. I’m very sorry if I disturbed you. Thank you again for your stay”.

I wouldn’t mention it in a review. If he does ding you, then I’d accept it, possibly post an apology in response with a brief explanation (similar to above).

For future guests, you might mention that you tend to work late at night, and if I’m disturbing you, please let you know.


My circumstances are almost identical. Room/ own bathroom in old house with creaking floorboards our room at other end of a corridor. We had a similar guest, sleeps with door open, not completely open about halfway. And as you say, you kinda feel like a visitor. But, didn’t mention it in review. I pretty much never leave a bad review of guests, I just don’t see the point, it just “opens the door” to further negative discussion. If I feel bad about a guest, I don’t review them at all. This of course means that the guest cannot review, but if we had a problem with the guests there would be a good possibility of the other way around also. I am fortunate in having a about 50+ good reviews, so I can do this.


Please review guests honestly. It’s very selfish to not review as reviews are for the next hosts down the line and we would like to take the opportunity to avoid them.

This is absolutely incorrect. The guest can review you, it just won’t post until you review or 14 days has passed, whichever comes first. One of these days a guest is going to slam you in a review and you are going to have skipped reviewing them.

I’m glad you’ve had good reviews so far but surely it couldn’t hurt to become familiar with the Airbnb policies in order to avoid problems in the future. Also reading extensively on this forum can be helpful.


@Acarm1 - if you have fifty reviews you must have been hosting for a few months so please take note of what @K9KarmaCasa says and familiarise yourself with the review system. Your fellow-hosts need you! :slight_smile:


Is it me, or are you the only one with the problem here? The guest sounded just fine.


@ShelleyTX I’m not sure what or who this reply is referring to? If this is meant for me… I don’t “have a problem” I just had a minor issue with a guest, and it’s been resolved. I mentioned it politely in my review and have moved on. 14 day review period is up and guest never bothered to review me.

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