Nasty e-mail from former guest

I had a guest in December who had two unregistered guests stay the night and tried to have an unauthorized party which was thwarted by my son who also has an apartment in the basement. I gave her an honest review. She did not leave a review within the 14 days. Over a month later she sends me a message calling me the “C” word and telling me my place is awful. I reported the message but it doesn’t seem like anything has been done about it.

What do you want to be done about it? I suppose it was sensible to forward the message to Airbnb (although I probably wouldn’t have done) because it the person is obviously a nutter to contact you months later, but I’m not sure what you expected Airbnb to do?

perhaps suspend the guest’s membership?


They’d probably get in touch with the guest certainly. I’m not sure if they’d suspend him/her for one offence? They seem to have a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ thing. I’m not sure that they’d get in touch with the person who reported the guest though.

I’ve occasionally reported listings (the famous one that wouldn’t allow overweight people comes to mind :slight_smile: ) and I’ve never heard anything, although the matter has been dealt with.

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A host that wouldn’t allow overweight people? OMG - that’s me buggered then!


Or pregnant women if I remember rightly. Although I’m assuming that doesn’t apply to you. :rofl:

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I believe you can ask Airbnb to block this person from sending you messages. If the guest sends texts to your phone, then you can block her yourself. I don’t think you really need anything more to be done.

BTW, my guess the reason the guest’s response was delayed is that the guest recently tried to book another Airbnb and was declined due to your review, and all of us thank you for that!


Back when I first started hosting I got the dreaded newbie curse - party-throwing nightmare guest - and I had a case against him, collected a good recompense from him, and ABB, left him a truthful and scathing review, and reported him. He’s still on Airbnb. No one has reviewed him since so I imagine he’s finding it difficult to be accepted by hosts, but it does bother me that he is even there. Airbnb seems pretty hit or miss in their penalties. Thankfully, the review system works if people are honest. Glad you were!


I did hold back from saying what I really wanted. I gave her an overall score of 3.5 but should have been a 1.5. When I went to clean I found what looked to be attempts at sabotaging me, sticky drink poured behind the bed, food left in cutlery drawer. Plates put away unclean.

I really wish you’d mentioned that in the review!


In August I gave a guest a 1* across the board. In December she was trying to book again and finally figured out the review and stars I gave her. She went nuts with messages, texts, etc. No one would book her.


Yes, I think this is what happened. She tried to book and was declined.

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I didn’t realize until after I wrote it. It was New Years Eve and I left the cleaning for a few days as I had a break between guests.

I have a rule (to myself) that I go into the rental as soon as the guests have left to make sure that everything is fine. The guests haven’t left any belongings behind, the AC isn’t left on, the oven isn’t left on, there are no food spills (to cause bugs and ants), there are no stains on bedding/towels that need treating, that the loo isn’t bunged up etc. etc. etc. - plus to make sure that the review is accurate.

Plus if I don’t do it straight away and write the review while it’s all fresh in my mind, I forget who the guests were. :crazy_face:


Yes, I agree. I did go in right away and it looked clean. It was a one off because I was getting ready for New Years celebrations. I frankly was relieved that there was no vandalism as she was so rude and had sent me a nasty e-mail the morning she left.

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FYI, I get food (crumbs and other small bits) in the silverware, cutlery, and utensil drawers as well as dishes/pot/pans/silverware/utensils put away unclean somewhat regularly.

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Yes, true. It just seemed intentional. McDonalds French fries stuffed behind the cutlery container

I’m a 71-year-old male, so hopefully not!


It is unfortunate that you received a profane message from the guest, but in this circumstance everything seems to have turned out in your favor. Your son was assertive and stopped the party before it happened. You left her a negative review and she didn’t return the favor. These are really good outcomes, as we see many stories here of hosts who are too timid to confront guests for fear of retaliatory reviews. And the retaliatory reviews are a big problem, so you are lucky you avoided one.

Like @jaquo, I’ve occasionally reported listings and unfortunately they’re still up. I don’t think AirBnB does much quality assurance on either side. And it is easy enough for both guest and host to just open a new account, unfortunately.


Wow … yikes. It would be easy to miss some things and then get screwed by a future guest.

You got off lucky and the guest got what they deserved.