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Name of our place


We have an appartment that we are renting (above our own appartment). It’s a two floor villa.
I am getting hard to think for a name that can give good results for google research.

We have at the moment Almby BNB (almby is the name of our area). Any ideas that can be nice?. The problem is that we don’t want to offfer breakfast, do you think the BNB can make confusion to clients?

The raeson to get BNB is, I think that clients are mostly researching Bed and breakfast plus name of the city when looking for a place or??

If people are searching on AirBnB, they probably are not searching on the words “bed and breakfast”. They are already searching on your area.

There is some confusion about “bed and breakfast” versus AirBnB. Just state in your description that you do not serve breakfast…

Choose a descriptive name. Our place is called Poolside Cabana with Gourmet Flair. Perhaps your could be Villa Almby. Or Villa with a View (if it has a good view) or River View Villa (if you can see the river from your place)…

Thanks for your input.

It is for google, not for our air bnb listing

Just avoid the word ‘cosy’ or ‘cozy’. It’s used way to much. Do you care to share some photos so we can see what one or two words would sum up what you’re offering?

Of cours our listing is this one:

We have also started to have honey bees this year but too early to talk about this in the listing.

That is adorable. “Little Red Villa” comes to mind, but perhaps that’s not your taste.

It is light, airy, attractive - really nice place. Looks perfect for a family or group.

Thanks for the idea, I will discuss it with my wife.

Yes we got many families and also companies that are putting workers for few weeks.

We have 98% booked since we started in April…


Oh! You might think about raising your prices a bit!

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We had just started it last month.

Around 3times more than the beginning.

We have to make 10 months pause before getting back the place.

Maybe Candy Red Villa? Or Fire Red Villa? Or Sunset Villa? Or Sunrise Villa?

Very nice looking place. Did you do it up yourself? And the building looks like it is in excellent shape.

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The all place has been renovated by my wife family with companies. It’s typical swedish colors.

Then maybe Swedish Colors Villa? :slight_smile: Or Swedish Red Villa? I didn’t know there was such a thing as typical Swedish colors.

I love your listing, it reminds me of a country farm house. Relaxed in Red Villa?
I’m clearly not creative though, It’s a beautiful place.

I don’t think the name needs to be description exactly. It needs to convey your experience and uniqueness. And your Swedishness. Would you call it a farmhouse? When was it built? And unless you’re in Italy I would not call anything a villa.

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Looking at the listing, you seem to target families, and your unique assets are location, space, and the typical Swedish of the house.

“90m2 Swedish Family Villa near Nature!”
“Spacious, Sunny Swedish Villa for Families!”
“Close to Nature - Authentic Swedish Villa (90sqm)!”

It was surprising but we got many companies that had booked our place too.
Thanks all for your help´.

The place was build in 1930. I can t say it s a farmhouse as our place is right in the city.

Did it used to be a farmhouse? Just because it’s in the city doesn’t mean it’s not a farmhouse :), though the name could be a distraction.

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