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My worst racist guest

I would never call a potential guest a racist if they asked what my neighbours were like.

@alkira I believe you have mis-read. There is nothing about a “potential guest”. These are real live guests with reservations that are already standing on my property.

I also would never call a guest a racist if they merely asked what my neighbours were like - though I think it’s a bit naive if they don’t just say, “is it a quiet neighborhood?”.

These are people who stand at my door and look out the windows of my apartments at an African American woman mowing her lawn and gesture and point and even mumble words that I will not repeat and say things like, “oh, I know what this means” as they gesture towards an African American family grilling some hamburgers. This is as much detail that I am comfortable with, though more detail than I put in my original post because I think the situation was pretty clear to a lot of members without having to explain one of the ugliest parts of our culture that, anyone who is dealing with it, is likely already familiar with and doesn’t need the gorey details, so to speak.


gets a bit tricky sometimes, working out how to read between these lines

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I saw the original interview online before it got scrubbed. Regarding my ability to sift through facts, I’ve got decades of investigative interviewing experience, and have had to shake out the truth or as close to it as possible from the b.s. since I was on my high school newspaper, and then through a career in Europe, the continental U.S. and Alaska. I am looking for tone, extent to which a person might be rehearsed, consistency in internal facts presented, and the physical “tells” of truth and lying. As a final footnote, during my career in the Washington Post, when my contemporaries in the same position at the New York Times were making one galloping error after another, such that sometimes they had to note that an entire 2 full-page news graphic on the U.S. Census was all overly-massaged garbage that was nothing but errors, my work was known as not only creative but scrupulously accurate, multiply sourced, cautious. Always aware of the “Rashomon” effect and the importance of finding a keystone expert with no agenda to calibrate to. I had no corrections that I can recall in thousands of workpieces involving crushing breaking news with surrounding chaos and fog of war.

So that’s my background. It’s not neophyte.

The woman I saw interviewed spoke in Spanish about seeing “three men, maybe four” dressed in black walking through the store shooting. She was a bit shaken but spoke clearly and simply. No “tells” of being rehearsed.

A psy-op, of which there are many dozens and hundreds throughout history, would have the characteristics of “Rashomon,” one group of people seeing the psy-op as staged for consumption, as well as the controlled ancillary “manifestos” and other coordinated parts of the operation, and Ms. Quezada (and many others) seeing “behind the scenes,” going off-script and being ridiculed.

For all these “shootings,” ask first, “Cui bono?” – who benefits – and follow that trial where it leads.


Almost nothing could be more bizarre than the Associated Press (hint: not some fly-by-night outfit) having its initial report discuss eyewitness testimony by Ms. Quezada, and this to be accepted by a multitude of news outlets from PBS to Texas TV stations, and then the “official narrative” veering in a VERY different direction.

It’s not as though “four guys in black” and “one guy in khaki” are “kinda sorta” roughly equivalent. You are getting into a BIZARRE level of dissonance with this shooting, such that there is very little explanation except for it being a blatant, in-your-face psy-op.

YES. There were “security trainings” DURING 9/11 (a giant Air Force “drill” conducted out West that dragged all our fighters thousands of miles from where they were needed). I could find the call to Otis Air Force Base where the desperate dispatchers say “we need jets for hijacked planes.” Came the reply, “Is this the drill or real world?” Ah here it is:


BOSTON CENTER: Hi. Boston Center T.M.U. [Traffic Management Unit], we have a problem here. We have a hijacked aircraft headed towards New York, and we need you guys to, we need someone to scramble some F-16s or something up there, help us out.

[SGt. JEREMY] POWELL: Is this real-world or exercise?

BOSTON CENTER: No, this is not an exercise, not a test.

POINT BEING, isn’t it such a “coincidence” that on 9/11 our jets were on a “drill.” Adding to the hellishness of everything. Ain’t that something?

“Drills” at Parkland H.S. in Fla. before the shootings there, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc., + your London incident.

“Cui bono” ?

Can you elaborate what you make of your BIL’s report? To me, it is entirely in line with a psy-op, that “something big” happened RIGHT NEAR THERE and he wasn’t aware of it. So I wonder if you are making such a point, or perhaps a different one?

Google “Visor Consultants”.



It was probably that satanist Hilary Clinton behind it all. I bet she’s responsible for global warming as well.


No, actually, I can’t. I’ll leave you to your tin foil hat collection.

I said my bit already.

Besides, we’ve hijacked bluecoat’s post which is looking a bit trollish at this point. Like his friend Jan he throws the “racist” bomb onto the forum and then leaves.


And for the record, I have no doubt our current government is capable (which is not the same as carrying out) of a secret operation to kill “mexicans” and sow terror. Nazi history in particular is instructive on how these things work. Our own history is full of these kinds of terror provoking incidents. I just don’t think it happened on Aug 3 at the El Paso WalMart. But what do I know?


To further hi-jack this thread, it isn’t just guests who are “acceptance challenged”. My neighbor isn’t happy I rent to everyone who I feel will follow my house rules. She complains about my guests of color. She moved to SC from the north east. I guess she didn’t realize who lives, works & vacations here.

If guests treat me with respect, my family with respect, my neighbors with respect, and my condo & condo rules with respect, I don’t care if they are Martians with orange skin and purple colored hair. Their money is green and I will cheerfully accept it.


I love El Paso and it’s 80%+ Hispanic population. Love love love. And anyone who questions my city or neighborhood can go suck a stick and stay elsewhere on their way through…until I have to flee to New Zealand.


I did. I have a picture of several young women of color who were doing a spontaneous protest in central park. I was really impressed by them (the kids are all right), and got permission before I took their picture. I added it to my listing, along with local graffiti.


Just had a brief look at J7: Mr J confirms it was Peter Power who was interviewed that morning on The Today Programme, so before any of the bombs were detonated.

Going back to read more, but have just been shown a video of Chinese troops massing 25 kl from the Hong Kong border…

Apologies for not reading between the lines. I was born and bred in South Africa during the apartheid years. I do know what true racisism is. The old adage of “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names and faces can’t hurt me” has always worked for me.

As a host I would stand tall, ignore and treat with the contempt it deserves. Jumping up and down, shouting and calling anyone who offends, “a racists”, only exasperates things and gives them more recognition. I would hope the lady mowing her grass was concentrating on that instead of gestures from mean spirited people.

As a host I welcome anyone with different ideas and ideologies and show them perhaps a different side to what they have been made to believe - if possible!
All the best

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Sorry, couldn’t resist reusing this one :smile:



No one jumped up and down and shouted anything to anyone. This is just a conversation amongst hosts.

The issue that was brought up was about receiving a bad review or having a guest request a refund - regular old hosting issues but complicated by racism.

As a host, I have ‘welcomed’ these people into my house but all it resulted in was them leaving early and trying to get a refund because of “the neighborhood”.

I reported them to Airbnb’s anti-discrimination department (though while sitting down and speaking into the phone in a typical volume - not jumping or shouting), because not only do I think it was the right thing to do but I am also compelled to do it per the hosting agreement with Airbnb. I also fought them on the requested refund (and won) because their issue with my listing was no fault of mine and their racism is not an extenuating circumstance.

I whole-heartedly disagree that ignoring racism is the answer and it certainly hasn’t worked so far but thank you for sharing your viewpoint, it is eye-opening. It has been a really long time since I’ve heard racists referred to as “mean spirited people” and as just having “different ideas”.

Wow. I’m seriously not having that conversation with you.


I like this sign as well and have seen it several times here and there. Sad to say that the right wing is trying to co-opt our national symbols and I’m a little wary of having a US flag in my front yard where passing cars can see it design but not the words.

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If only… I am worried that their PM will not be reelected. I spent a month there in 2018:slight_smile:


Funny, my friend who lives there isn’t a fan of the PM. Then again, she’s not a fan of anyone or anything it seems. I’m going to be there the month of Feb. The question is, do I come back or not. And if I come back is it just to liquidate my stuff to return permanently?

Why do you even have to mention the color of people who live in your neighborhood? Is that a requirement on Airbnb? In my opinion, you created a monster yourself.

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