My very last airbnb guest left, I’m finally done!

The last week has been very stressful.After 3 yrs and close to 280 guests. We have turned our airbnb rental into a month to month rental with a former nice, quiet guest who I had hosted in the past. OMG!!! You cant believe right at the tail end of our stint we get the worst couple ever!It was the Grand Finale! Guest arrived a day late,did not answer my text until 24 hrs later, arriving late at night.Starts doing laundry at 300 am,having just arrived a few hrs before. Continues all morning long laundry marathon spree following day.I sent her a text and called her on it. Guest tries to cancel,tries to lie, saying property was not private enough!(its a separate unit.) Thinks we were peeping at them thru the curtains?! The left escorted by the police because they felt unsafe.She tried to get her money back from the reservation, airbnb said no! Thankyou Airbnb! I enter the unit,it smells, she left 11 lights on, the makeup mirror on and the AC full blast even though they left the night before.They were there 1 full night, there was a heap of dirty towels on bath floor,trash in sink, muddy footprints everywhere,chards of broken glass throughout the unit(crack pipe?)popcorn on the floor,stains on the brick in the walkway. A big metal frame with wires wrapped around it dumped in the room. A towel was missing.and when I lifted the lid the toilet was filled with paper and feces;a YUGE amount! Didn’t dare try to flush, would cause a clog,hubby had to pull everything out manually with tongs and rubber gloves. I was awarded the measly 100 security deposit which she did not want to pay but Airbnb gave me their deposit.,Also, they left a big cigarette burn hole on my perfect leather sofa! Trash was filled both in kitchen and bath even though they were there 1 night.They paid for 4 but stayed 1 because they were unable to use toilet and said “they were afraid to ask for plunger because the host was creepy”.Whose the creep? I sent airbnb 14 photos.Found a suspicious roll with white powder under the couch.Maybe drugs thats why they think someone was looking at them? Weirdos.I am not even sure she had a police escort, I think that could have been fabricated to try to get sympathy fromAirbnb but they sided with me and I got to keep $521 for one night. So glad I’m taking a break fromAirbnb, not sure if I will go back.

Wow, I’m stunned. That’s about the worst tale of woe I have heard, and I’m glad to hear that Airbnb sided with you. Congratulations on handling it so very well; I’m not sure I would have done such a good job.

May the next few months give you respite and some peace!


Those guests were even beyond a bad experience. I would have to agree it sounds like they were drug users to include using drugs in your home.

Our one and only bad guest was also a drug case, but nothing near your horrible experience . In my case I was super angry that they brought that crap into my home.

Enjoy your rest and hope you’ll stick around to share your hard-won wisdom!

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OMG That’s horrific! Sorry you had to experience all that madness. I’m glad that Airbnb’s resolution center was helpful to you and sided for once with the host and not the guest.
Best wishes.

Fortunately, they did not leave a bur on the sofa, it was just food or a boogie! Gross but at least its not a burn mark!Airbnb would not ban them because they only had one negative review.