My publications (more than 15) are not visible


I run a short term rental company in Puerto Rico with more than 40 units. Recently I noticed a slow inquiry and after that, a no inquiry at all with only few inquiries. From been fully active I when almost a gost. When I search for my ads they are not available. I got some 5 Star listings are other few more lower. But overall we make my best. Airbnb it’s sayin that they have technical difficulties. I have had some listing suspendend on the past but we’re relisted. Airbnb it’s arguing that technical issues it’s the main problem. No my performance. Any suggestions?

I suspect they are lying to you. It probably is your listings that are less than 5 star. They are making a push to have all listings average 4.7 star minimum and one way they can punish you is my disappearing your listings. Something similar happenend to another host recently: there were complaints and then coincidentally a listing disappeared from search.

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