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My place is not coming up in a search - bookings down

I just got off the phone with Airbnb - nice lady but I am super frustrated. My listing is not showing up unless the search is for SuperHost specifically. My bookings are down. I am searching on someone else’s account for dates that my place is available and only 19 listings come up (I should be one of them, but I am not). Then same search but add SuperHost and I am the first listing with 55 others (search area widens). I asked the Airbnb customer service person who handles search glitches and she couldn’t answer that.

@Arbek if you PM me your listing I can try a search and see if it works for me.

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Talk about job security! :rofl:


Yeah, this expertise apparently does not exist.

There has been problems noted on the Airbnb community forum the past few days so they are aware of a major glitch affecting a large number of hosts internationally. So far no fix. Some hosts have found that editing there descriptions helps them appear again. I have been having problems for over a month and have had very little constructive assistance from airbnb. Just when you think it can’t get worse it does. The app is totally rubbish, and every CS worker I talk to says not to use it. Why do they continue to make updates when all it seems to do is cause problems?

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There is a discussion about similar issues on the Airbnb community forums. I hope it is okay to post a link here:


Yes it’s okay to link to the Airbnb forums. What we don’t like are promotional links and affiliate links and a bunch of stuff promoting non airbnb platforms.

My listing disappears if KITCHEN is selected as a desired amenity.

Try putting in dates in the calendar and amount of guests. We had the same issue but adding the dates in the calendar worked for us.

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