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My offer of free parking has bit me on the arse


Seemed like a good idea, because I knew a very cheap car park that I could use, freeing up my home garage. First guests with car arrived, so I went and parked in the carpark, near the pedestrian exit, at the far end from my ex girlfriends house, seemed right clever of me. Unfortunately, new owners of car park now lock those gates at night, and I now have a scuffed bonnet/hood, where people stood on my car to climb over the fence.
A week later, more guests-with-car, off I went to the car park, but new owners have changed payment system…which doesn’t work. I sat in the car park (away from gates), struggling with the payment app, which was convinced I was in a full carpark, so I couldn’t pay. I left the car there anyway, and got a £35 ticket.
I have now deleted the ‘free parking’ from my listing, and reduced the price :persevere:


Well I reduced the price, and somebody booked since then, but it appears I forgot to untick the parking in amenities! I have to honour my listing details, so they have city centre parking at a reduced price home! Bollocks!


That’s Brighton for you! We were stung by a B&B who offered pre-paid parking for a tenner but when we arrived, we couldn’t park anywhere near or in that zone. He refused a refund, we had to pay to park in another zone, and then found a parking ticket from an overly zealous warden on the car the next morning. Fortunately, s/he had only looked on the front windscreen, not the rear which was facing the pavement. I sentt judicious photos to the Council and never heard a word back. I was so glad to return to the sanity of Deal…


So having given them free parking (due to my error), I just noticed they gave 4stars in two categories, one of which was accuracy. Fair enough I suppose, but it was hugely in their favour!
I couldn’t stop myself, in the Airb messaging system I sent a mildly miffed message, whether they get it or not, I don’t know.

Just goes to show yet again…customers don’t respect favours!

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