My HOA Covenant doesn't explicitly prohibit hosting, but love a second opinion

Thank you so much in advance!

Wow the small print!
They don’t have to explicitly mention hosting but your ccr above mentions regular visits by customers and clients and they could use this to stop you. You should also read carefully in a different section for sublet rules. There are many posts here as well on this subject.
Are there any other hosts in your HOA?
How many homes are there?

What area do you live in and what is the public discourse about STRs and AirBNB?

Given the language under K: “does not involve regular visitation of the Lot by employees…clients, customers,” I’d say that any resident with an objection could easily say a STR is violating this clause. Residents in my husband’s HOA have also maintained that tourists/ strangers in the halls “threaten the security or safety of other residents” and that loud or drunken tourists routinely returning late at night are, “a nuisance”.

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I think they seem to be talking about opening a business like a chricopractors office or a Taco Bell at your house… something truly commercial, with deliveries coming and going and customers coming and going. It does not seem to specifically prohibit short term rentals. Pretty standard language for an HOA.

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The way I read your CC&Rs, Airbnb is prohibited. Airbnb guests are detectable by sight, sound and sometimes smell. I’d be very surprised if your Association’s insurance premiums were not increased if they permitted Airbnb. “Does not threaten the security of safety of other residents of the Community” is vague to say the least, but could easily be used as an argument against Airbnb.

Regulations like this are vague for a reason - so they can encompass the broadest number of situations possible. That both protects you as a homeowner, but can restrict you as a business operator.

While there’s nothing in there that specifically mentions short term rentals, there are plenty of general rules in that document that the homeowners association could choose to apply to your particular case should your Airbnb business become a nuisance to other homeowners.


Food for thought: does the HOA rules restrict rentals? Meaning in the HOA rules allows owners to rent their units and has clauses like “renters must follow the HOA rules…” however doesn’t define a minimum rental period. For example I found a wonderful condo at an amazing price in a coastal resort area EXCEPT the minimum rental allowed by the HOA was 6 months. I needed something that allowed rentals but did not define a minimum period.

It’s a suburb area in a brand new subdivision with only 14 homes. Not all sold yet. No hosts in this subdivision yet. Thanks for your input!

Thank you everyone for contributing their thoughts. Really appreciate it!

As I suspected as well, it is written in a pretty standard HOA language to cover all basis and subject to interpretation. My plan is to go forward with our hosting and make sure that it’s not a nuisance to our neighbors using the Golden Rule. I wouldn’t like to be a neighbor who gets hassled by Airbnb guests either.

I also checked with the rest of the covenants where the owner is responsible for all guests, invitees, and occupants’ actions.

Thank you all and happy hosting!

Is there a board of directors? If so, run for the board so you can have a say. The board can write rules in addition to the ccrs and specifically address sublets, and strs.
If you have never lived in an HOA subdivision you might not realize how restrictive and nasty they can be. I lived in one in socal and would never buy into one again. Jmho

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