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My guests have left early! How to cancel and relist!

Hi my guests were booked till next Saturday but are leaving tomorrow as a family member has been taken seriously ill. I would like to know the best way to ‘cancel’ ( so it doesn’t mean I get penalised ) or amend ,then relist so I can potentially fill the week with bookings and then to do a small refund. Can anyone help? What’s the best way to do this immediately?? Thanks

Have them contact Airbnb to cancel so you aren’t penalized and then you can offer a refund.


Cancel rather than amend? How do I offer a refund?

Also does that mean I can relist straight away? I wanna get It back up ASAP

Just take the days off and give them a courtesy partial refund if you feel you must. Airbnb might just give them an ‘extenuating circumstances’ full refund. Also, Airbnb is not the only listing site in the world, just the best known…

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