My guest is in JAIL!

My guest did not return as expected from going out to dinner last night. I texted him this morning - no answer. I was hoping he found a lovely lady to go home with - but he had to work early this morning and his work clothes were in my laundry. So I started checking the sheriff’s blog and sure enough - he was arrested this morning at 1:14 for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident with property damage. No bond allowed and his first hearing isn’t until Wednesday. He’s booked HERE until tomorrow. When I saw THAT - I stripped the bed and started washing the linens. Here’s my question - the room is an absolute mess with food and dirty clothes all over the place - Am I in my right to start boxing his stuff up TODAY? Or should I wait until he is checked out? And to top this off - this morning I had a request to book from a guy. When I replied, I told him the bathroom is shared, as I wanted to make sure he KNEW that - and he replied “shared with you?” Not liking that question, and feeling uncomfortable that I had already accepted the reservation - so I did not directly answer his question and just told him that it was shared with 2 other rooms. And then his next question to me was asking if I could recommend a good escort in the area!!! HOLY MOLEY - I called Air and they removed my approval for me so I don’t get dinged! Let me tell you - I’ve got a MILLION of 'em!!! Neva a dull moment at the Wood Palace here is sunny Florida!


My goodness! Yes, I think you are well within your rights to pack his stuff up, call ABB first, or email them and attach a link to the article!
As to the pervert, they should ban him!


If it were me, I would get all prepared beforehand but not box things up until check-out. I’m not sure of all the ramifications of things, but I would at least call ABB first before touching his things so that you have everything backed up.


I’d box it up and call ABB and get them to cancel the rest of the stay so it opens your calendar. No one who flees the scene of an accident gets to stay at my home.


Doesn’t canceling via ABB mean she forfeits her money? Why should she be penalized that way? Pack up the stuff at the end of the reservation, and have it sent by taxi to the jail for him. Documenting this with AirBNB would always be a good plan in such odd circumstances.

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Since you say no bond allowed and hearing is Wednesday, then he will never even know the difference. Box it all up and get a head start on your cleaning.

When you say he is booked till tomorrow, do you mean checkout is tomorrow, or checkout is on Wednesday? Even if it’s on Wednesday - by the time he gets done with court, and gets to your house…surely it will be passed check out time.


Not in the case of breaking house rules or the law. She’d get to keep the money and if she contacts Air right away she may even be able to open up her calendar for tonight. I would just call Air before I did anything to cover my backside :slight_smile:

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Agree. Dont cancel or tell ABB, or you will forfeit $$. Trust me we have been there, when I called to get the smoker people removed, ABB said even if the guest breaks the rules you only get paid for yhe nignts they spent if YOU ask to cancell. BS policy, but thats what it is.

I would wait with the readied box for his checkout day


I probably would too. Just to be safe.

Yeah, I kinda started that! I’m being very respectful of his belongings and tidying everything up - even though the room is a messy mess with dirty clothes all over the place and empty food containers, beer cans, etc.

his check out is tomorrow - and I’m in South Florida with 2 empty other rooms - we are not in season and they certainly aren’t beating my door down for the room. But if I start cleaning today - I will be ready if someone does want to check in tomorrow!

Yikes! After I read your post I checked the calendar to see if there was a full moon. Hopefully your next guest will be normal.


Well he doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on does he? I can imagine the review:

“Cinderelle’s place was nice but she entered my room while I was in the slammer for DUI and packed up my stuff before checkout.” :smile:


Any idea what jail bird is in town for?? Does he know anyone local?

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I already told AirBnB - trying to keep a record of everything - but I highly doubt this guy would ask for his money back - it’s just one night. AY yi yi! That’s terrible. I know that Airbnb always sides with the guests - with guests all they see is DOLLAR SIGNS!

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ha ha - honestly - he is a nice guy - I feel very bad for him - very lost soul. I am packing up his stuff NICELY for him. I’m going to try to keep good terms with him. He has a lot more to worry about than my review right now. He drives for a living - BIG RIGS - and I’m sure he has lost his license for a loooong time with this mess.

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He took a new job here - just started driving big rigs for a local guy last week. He booked my place for 10 days, tonight was to be his last night. I recommended a long term rental for him too - one of my neighbors has a guest house he was going to start renting. The whole thing is really quite sad!

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Brook2adks - Air said they would monitor the pervs activity - I agree that they should ban him … that is disgusting!

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Don’t feel TOO sorry for him! He made the decision to drink and drive. God knows… that was not smart and maybe this will be his rock bottom to get help. Urge him to go to AA. His life has become unmanageable due to drinking. AA has saved many lives but you have to admit you are powerless against the alcohol and you are an alcoholic. Do the 12 steps and get his life on track. No more drinking. EVER.

And that’s his career? Driving trucks? Double shame on that.

No one put a gun to his head and made him drink. Then pick up his keys and drive? Very foolish and might be life changing.

People feeling sorry for him doesn’t help, it only enables. He did the crime, now he does the time. :frowning:


He has a DUI now, he can’t come out till at least Wednesday (hearing), one day after he is suppose to check out, might as well box them. Then get them to him after he is suppose to check out. I don’t think anything else needs to come into play or worry about; such as refunds, reviews, his life, perversions (why because he found you attractive, you are!), etc. etc.

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