My friend Brian Chesky

… has written to ME! Personally, by name! He says I’ve sparked dialogue, discovery, and empathy and provided magical stays for every guest. And the future of Airbnb is me! Oh, and I’m one of their most iconic hosts …

Now, I don’t want to boast, obviously, but I just thought that I’d like to help the rest of you who are struggling away with your non-iconic little listings to benefit from my wonderfulness. So if there’s anything you need - an end to location stars, a website that doesn’t change every other day, no hair-shedding guests just let me know and I’ll drop my friend Bri a line.

No, don’t thank me, it’s the least I can do.


So I take it you provide toilet paper or he wouldn’t be your friend. :grin:


Oh how exciting…do you get a special ‘iconic’ badge on your listing to show how truly super duper you are :slight_smile: :blush: and will I get one too in honour of my special personal invite?


WHAT?! He wrote to ME personally! I thought I was the only one!


Wait! Wait! I’M HIS FRIEND! Not you guys…


His great grandma’s British, he’s my pal


He PERSONALLY invited me to attend this presentation today so this must be all about ME ME ME!

(I did put it on my calendar to listen to while I painted my kitchen cabinets)


Bahahaha, if I reply what will he say?
I wondered about the treehouse where he stayed shown in the first presentation.

I’d be nervous as heck having Bri stay at my place! I might even offer early check in or to let him leave his luggage! I might even… offer organic snacks!!! And take the prison bars off the windows, just for Brian! :rofl::rofl:


Here’s the stream if you wanna join

Good grief, folks, jump on the bandwagon, why don’t you? Just leave Bri and me alone, ffs …

Unfortunately I can’t seem to tune into the broadcast but not a problem as he’ll probably be giving ME a call, PERSONALLY, later to catch up.


Yes, of course I provide toilet paper … and a new roll every 2 weeks.


Ged and Bri sitting in the tree


Bahahaha, too funny. Actually if you follow the links in the email you will get to the right spot. Seems to be different than the other Air presentation.

I’m interested in what the hell he has to say about cancellations. That was the most upvoted question last I checked.

I’m sure it will be some pat answer like… cancellations help get more guests and the more guests, the more we all win, blah blah.

I notice the infinite time horizon has not been mentioned recently, thank goodness.


Never asked or answered. Questions seemed staged to promote their own agenda.


I can’t believe he didn’t talk about cancellations. Every time I checked, that was overwelmingly the number one question. I really like Airbnb and its ethos but it is has lost a lot of points with me by ignoring that question. He could have said ‘we heard you and we’re looking into it’ or even we heard you and we disagree and hear’s why…’. But to just pretend the number one question was not asked, is just not authentic.


Yes… they only answered questions about the new categories and Plus things… that will apply to a really small percentage of us really. They only answered questions that could be answered with a positive spin. Just like politicians. Disappointing but not surprising.


Let’s face it. They are trying to become a luxury brand platform. The old days of mattresses on the floor wouldn’t even be acceptable on the platform now, let alone make SuperHo, Plus or Collection.

Im’ glad Hawaii isn’t on the radar for this as of yet.


Hubby just asked me how it was, and I told him it was a lot more syrup than pancake… I guess that popped into my head in honor of national pancake day. Mmmm…pancakes…


Yeah this Plus thing is going really make us jump through hoops to get on it. I do like that they are finally rolling out the super guest program.

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Brian C did kind of skim by cancellations when he discussed the family designation. He said something like, “ Families find flexible cancellations a must have…”.

It is telling that the only mention (I heard) of cancellation policies was to promote Flexible.