My First Torpedo Review

I would much rather see “Guest stayed 3 nights” than “Good guest”, if they weren’t. At least the first is a fact, and while we can’t necessarily figure out another host’s “code”, I would assume the host had nothing good to say, and some legitimate reason for not being descriptive, whereas “good guest” is blatantly misleading.

No it does not say anything like that.

There is no requirement for a host to say something ‘good’ about a guest, even if they were 5 star guests. There IS a requirement to say something honest. And no, not saying something does not send a secret code. A bland "good guest’ usually just tells me that the host has no idea what a review is about.

What ‘legitimate reason’ is there for not being descriptive?

As far as code goes, it used to be - better suited to a hotel.
Now inclusion of that comment is enough to get the hosts review removed

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Of course it doesn’t “say” that. And you are well aware of the few reasons a host might have for not wanting to specifically say something negative about a guest, as you have engaged in this discussion before, you just refuse to acknowledge that a host might be scared of what a guest who made them feel extremely uncomfortable and might be violent and live nearby could possibly do.

That I don’t think a host really has anything to fear, that I have never heard of a guest coming back to hurt a host or damage their property over a bad review, and that if that had ever happened, I think we all would have heard about it, is immaterial- it isn’t up to me to belittle another host’s or anyone’s feeling of vulnerability. And the few times this situation might happen isn’t worth arguing about.


When hosts don’t review guests honestly, it hurts all of us in the long run. How many other hosts have also let this woman slide and she just keeps renting from the best hosts and never being held accountable. And a host might think since she doesn’t have any “bad” reviews, their stay with them is the outlier.

Others have already pointed out that familiarizing yourself with the review process should alleviate some concerns about retaliatory reviews.

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In addition to my 1 star mistake review, I got a 3 star early on from a guest that I did extra for. I understood what they felt was unsatisfactory and I learned from it. In your case it just sounds like someone angling for a refund.

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If she had been HONESTLY reviewed by previous hosts, then you would have been forwarned. So why feel that you don’t have to warn other hosts about guests?

Please please please review every guest honestly, factually and unemotionally.


Yes, me too. I also recognise that other people value different things. My favourite place in Fiji is very remote and one guest gave a shocking review because there weren’t enough people to play volley ball with her! The place only has 8 bures!


@Muddy can you remind us how you calculate ‘10 minutes before the cut-off’. I apologize as Im sure this is clear in a thread somewhere in this forum, but cannot find it. Thank you.

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