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My first less than 5star guests


3;30 a.m. showering, doing laundry in the bathroom sink, apparently at the same time, completely drenched the bathroom (all walls, as far as the door). Water dripping into my kitchen below, through a light socket, bulb not working now. Written to Airbnb, now it’s 4a.m., not sure if I’ll be able to sleep! They go tomorrow, hope bedrooms are ok


Barns, sorry to hear this. Have you written to/messaged them as well? Water coming down a light bulb isn’t for the faint hearted. I think I would have been up there hammering on their door if they didn’t pick a message up to stop! We have a shower room that leaks into the kitchen if people don’t close the door properly. It’s now on the Grande Tour list, with a demo on pulling the door closed.


Yes I have a routine around demonstrating the shower curtain. I have had similar leaks and my electrics have recovered. Use ronseal anti damp paint (spray or brush) to block the stains then repaint.


yes, I was STRAIGHT up there! I’ll copy and paste my message to Just Supp.
"Hi, problem with David’s group. They got in at 1;30 a.m., which is ok, they are on holiday. Still lots of activity at 3;30 a.m, still ok! All part of hosting in your home, even though they are the noisiest guests so far (laughing, joking, and shutting doors enthusiastically, not carefully when it is so late.)
But at 3.30a.m. I heard constant dripping in my kitchen, saw a big puddle, and the ceiling light not working. The guests have the 2 bedrooms and a bathroom above. I went upstairs and knocked on the bathroom door, and called out that there was a leak below. “ok”, he said.
Soon, I heard him come out of the bathroom, I went upstairs again, to investigate. Bathroom was drenched! All the floor, all the walls, every inch of the towel rack, even the roll of toilet paper on the holder was wet. I asked how this happened, he said he was just having a shower, I pointed out that people had been showering for years in there, and had never made the room so wet, and to cause puddles downstairs. “Well, having a shower and doing laundry”, he pointed to the sink, 2 pairs swimming shorts. I asked again how this could have happened, he said that as he was showering he was back and forth to the laundry. I must point out his English was ok, but I couldn’t quite understand how the room got drenched. I gave him a bucket and mop, left him to it, the mopping caused a few more drips downstairs.
There may not be a need for a claim, but I thought I’d better keep you informed. They leave in the morning, I’m hoping the bedrooms are ok!


Did he perhaps leave the sink tap running while washing his shorts, letting it overflow?



That’s certainly one option…but above eye-level was wet too! This was somehow flinging water around entire room!
Luckily it hasn’t stained kitchen ceiling, I’ll see if the light comes back on later


YIKES! I think this recent full moon has unleashed the crazies on all of us. Those guests take the cake. Sorry that happened to you, @Barns.


And now to write the review! Thing is, it’s Davids account, but it was his little friend who was the demon. I’d host them again, because I’m pretty sure his little friend wouldn’t do this again. I’m going 4stars.


Was he from a different country? I’ve run into a few folks from SE Asia that are used to bathrooms that are fully tiled with a central drain. Being careful with water outside of the sink or shower isn’t necessary with that setup.


South Korean, so maybe. Do they throw doors shut at 3am too? :slight_smile:


@Barns, I saw that you would have “David” back, at least, but is there a good chance he might book again? My point is, if you are not afraid of alienating him or losing his business that you might need, I’d do far worse than 4 stars.

Bathrooms in the US (are you in the US?) are not designed to be “wet rooms”, and people should not treat them as such. That was not good behavior from your guests. I don’t know what your climate is, but if that happened at my house, we’d need to rip down the kitchen ceiling to let everything dry out. Otherwise we’d risk mold growing.


I think it may be the wet room issue with your guest! A college roommate was from S. Korea and would DRENCH the bathroom. He’d full on splash his face out of the sink like you might while roughhousing in a lake, with no regard to where the water landed. We had to explain the lack of central drain, which made very little change in his habits, unfortunately. Hopefully your guest responds better to guidance!

I’m not familiar with any cultural reason for throwing doors shut at 3am. That sounds like plain boorishness! :wink:


@chloe David should also kind of be responsible for his travelling wilburys, if it’s his account, and his ‘reputation’. Maybe I’ll go down to 3! I’m in UK, wet rooms tend to be for (I daren’t use the wrong word on here, I’ll go and google it and insert it later).
The closest most of us get to a wet room, is a walk in shower.

@Allison_H That was my initial thought, he thinks in a different bathroom. If only that had been his response, I would have understood

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