My first inquiry decline

some of the worst reviews I have received are from people who I gave a discount… based on what you wrote, I think you did the right thing.

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Hey, it gives you more rooms to rent! :wink:

“For starters, any reviews that just say “Nice guests” or “Great guests!” are usually written by property managers who leave that exact same wording for all their guests, assuming they didn’t burn the place down”

This is so true! Beware of these types of guests…

Toooooo……sooooon :weary:…although #4 just drove off to the 1st day of JR year in HS & just like that my life is no longer controlled by the school bell :smiley::dancer:t2:

Guests asking for a discount is always a red flag

If you accept, it’s likely they’re going to ding you for value in the review

Also when guests see you bend on the price, they will test you in other avenues (e.g. House rules)

What additional information would you like?

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Their last name, city in which they reside and apprx. age. I try to weed out the partiers.

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I don’t see this necessarily as ‘negotiating a lower price’ with you if what they said is true.

When planning a 6-8 week trip in multiple cities, often we will create favorites of a few places in each city as we go along, then narrow them down. These favorites are typically chosen because of location, amenities and of course price. If your price changed enough to push it out of the original budget I can see an innocent contact of you to inquire, so I wouldn’t see this necessarily as a red flag.

However, of course the other stuff you listed would be a problem. Perhaps if they had a completed profile and a nice positive history you would have looked at the inquiry differently?

I get your point but experience tells me a majority of the time this is trouble. They had nothing going in their favor, as you noted, and then asked for a favor. $114/6 guests =$19 each which put them above their budget…not to be rude, but tired of dealing with that crowd. It’s been nothing but headaches when all of these factors are present. If they had 2-3, 5 star reviews w/ glowing comments, then perhaps…but those folks don’t usually quibble over price with me. And others are right…they would have dinged me on value;