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My daily rate on the airbnb site is different than my price


My rate is higher on the site than what I actually ask - but when you go to the room page, it is actually $1 CHEAPER than my ‘ask’.

It seems ‘stuck’ on a higher overall daily rate that I started a week ago and since removed and went back to my lower rate - but it appears that the higher rate is ‘stuck’ there.

Any ideas why?


Air software strikes again!

What is your base rate compared to the higher and lower rate you mention? My base rate is $82 per night but in high season I charge $95 and in low season $65.


I changed some prices the other day and had a similar issue. I think it sometimes takes a while for the site to catch up .


my base is $65 and shows as $70. Changing it has zero effect on the listing in air site

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