My brand new listing *only* shows in map view

howdy! glad to be a part of this forum!

i have heard that new listings get a short boost period to gain traction,specific when i search for my listing it does not sow up AT ALL in the list portion. in order to find it you must use the map and zooooom in to my doecific location.

can anyone else check and see if they can find my listing? it is in sarasota fl, and it is a 2/2 whole house listing.

you can leave dates off, or use random dates but NOT 6/30 - 7/5 as thise are blocked.

we have a 3-day minimum.

the listing title is “NEW! Stylish and Tropical Walk to Siesta”. and it shows a cover photo of living room with black and white stiped wallpaper with pink flamingo, and aqua walls on other walls. very easy to recognize (wish i could post a photo here!!)

anyone willing to help? also, if it is NOT getting the newbie boost, how do i handle that with airbnb?

thanks so much!!!

I did a quick search and didn’t see it on the list. I did see some listings with the NEW designation scattered through the first couple of pages. Thing is there are over 200 listing similar to yours with the parameters I used.

I don’t know…it’s not something they promise and they don’t even seem to do the things they promise.

When I search more than 300 homes come up and I did not find yours. What is your nightly rate? You can check under progress, views, to see how many have looked at your listing. Are you on IB? Air seems to prioritize this listings.

Can you provide a link to your listing ???..

I think the settings are such that new members can’t post links or pictures at first. We are trying to cut down on the spammers.

I tried searching for this and nothing came up on Airbnb but this seems to be it on VRBO

That is SO cheap for 6 people. I hope that you’re charging more on Airbnb!

I charge extra after four people :slight_smile:

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