My AirBnB got burgled!

Group of guys out on St Paddys day came back. Someone cut a hole in a pane of glass and let themselves in. Lost some watches and money. They’re good sports about it but what do you recommend? I’m in a major city. Didnt have cameras :frowning:

Do they have travel insurance?

Doubtful and they’re very reasonable about it.

I should probably tell the next guest and give them an opportunity to stay somewhere else while I sort out security.

Call the Police, repair the window.

I post this on every possible thread and this gives me an opportunity to do so again. Everyone with a whole house rental (especially if they aren’t on site) must get security cameras; mostly to deter bad behavior by guests but they could be useful in investigating a crime.

I probably would give the next guest the option of cancelling. I’d see if my insurance provided any coverage, and I’d probably give these guys their money back for the stay.

Sorry this happened to you. It’s such a $h!tty feeling.


So. Plot thickens. Evidently it was a rager until 4:30 am. Apartment a shambles this morning. We’ve revised our opinion. Doubting there was a burglary and instead a drunken guest who had the wrong keycode. Cost of replacement = cost of stay and so many more headaches. Cameras have been ordered.


If the apartment was a shambles you must take pictures as evidence and submit claims for as much as possible.

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