My 3 listings are not showing anywhere

I have been on air since 2011, and suddenly today I cannot see them anywhere on air.

Any thoughts?

Just the usual that we tell everyone here. Search incognito, check all your settings, etc. If you’d like to PM me information I can try and look for them.

Just found out that I am ‘blocked’ and ‘under investigation’.

Oh boy. :woman_facepalming:

Sorry to hear that. Let us know how it goes.


Isn’t it amazing how they do that without informing the host?


… and I’m sure they didn’t tell you why.

So, you still see your listings and calendar when you logon, and are you expected to honor your confirmed bookings?

Please keep us updated!


I know, we hear this all the time and it is so unfair to hosts. I can see where some hosts may not figure it out for some time if they are not looking at stuff everyday. It seems like “community” is just a marketing concept and not anything Air really gives a shit about.



Did you find this out via a phone call to Customer Service? Did they give you any more information beyond that?

Yes via phone call, and no info

I am so sorry to hear this, do YOU have any ideas what it is about? Any guests lately that you think are mad at you?

Sorry to say I think you are screwed. Air has no accountability. They do not care how it affects you, A guests lies and says you have guns laying around or you harassed them or whatever and you are guilty without a chance to prove you are not.

That being said keep at it, call from different phone numbers because I think they will just not answer/block yours if they are done with you.

Good luck


HA and BDC beckon methinks, seriously.

Airbnb is now about 20% of our business, and while from a nostalgic perspective this does bother us, from a hard headed business perspective I’m quite pleased.

The fact that some ill educated call centre person can, without reference to ourselves, simply block us from an advertising platform on almost a whim bothers me.

Good luck, hope you get sorted.


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I’m not sure but I think Rolf lists rooms in his home. There just isn’t any credible competition to Airbnb for that space.

Ah, ok. Didn’t know.

Edit: Sorry to hear it @Rolf, hope you get sorted. Have you tried reaching out via Twitter or Facebook, anecdotal evidence suggests the social media team are slightly more on the ball than call centre CS persons.

Sorry to hear that @Rolf

Have you had any recent problem guests ?

So true. I have looked around and unless I start my own room share platform or a website of my own, AirBnB is the only game in town.

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@Rolf Any update? I know you must be overwhelmed with this, please let us know when you can.


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I was blocked last Sunday after a call girl booked my place and wanted a refund after she realized I lived in the house too. No notification from Airbnb. Now I don’t have proof that she was, but her photo and secretiveness were pointing towards that. I have 100 5 star reviews and have been with Airbnb for 5 years. Recently, I did an addition to the house to allow private access and started to notice the clientele change. I am at the point that if people are using my space for a motel then I am not interested in those types.

I also did traditional Airbnb in my home from 2014-2016 and then remodeled to add an ensuite bath and private entrance. I have over 500 5 star reviews and noticed no clientele change. So there has to be some other factors involved. Maybe if you could figure out what they are you could solve the problems.

I don’t understand this statement. That’s exactly what people are going to be using it for. And that’s also the direction Airbnb is moving. Just yesterday I got another reservation from a woman with no photo on her profile. (I don’t require photo anyway)

You might be right, I don’t have the whole story but judging people based on looks is bad practice and is one of the reasons why Airbnb doesn’t force people to provide photos.

I’ve never heard of someone being blocked because the guest wanted a refund. There is some part of the story that’s missing. You were only blocked on Sunday? What steps did you take to get them to unblock you?

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What changed was the private entrance. Past guests were visiting family, travelers heading to the mountains from the bay area here in California. Now it is $85 after all fees for room and living area, private entrance and seems to have become a much better place to bring a lover than a motel. As far as judging, I have had everyone of any color, sexual orientations. It does not bother me. The sex does not bother me as it is not my business. What is my business is being kept up late at night listening to the porcelain bumping against the wall, the comforter soiled. At least put a towel down or something. Lol. Anyway, one does not maintain super host status my being a prude. I am very flexible but do not want this new clientele. What have I done to change things for the future? Rewrote my introduction to focus on the suite still being a part of the home. Made a two day minimum, and added a 100 deposit in case of damage. The frustrating part is reading about all the hosts who were not told they were being investigated and lied to about server problems. That may be case of server with me but going on a week now. Background on recent client; Friday morning a female with someone wanted to book the night and joined that month. Sounded desperate and the warning signs went up as I have dealt with that before. I rejected her. Then 6 pm another single female who had also just joined with a guest asked for a safe place to stay that night. I sent a message explaining that I had had problems with people not explaining their trip and did not normally accept first time people with out a review due to past history. She said she would be the perfect guest. I approved her because I had read that repeat rejections affect a host. She then shows up around 10 and calls me from driveway. She said she was not aware I lived on property. I told her it was mentioned a few times in the introduction and that she had a private entrance and bolt locks on her doors. She wanted a refund and I agreed. I asked her to cancel the reservation and I would refund her. I asked her to not leave until she canceled so that I could be available to help her on her app. A half hour later, I asked her if things were figured out. She said no and to keep the money and appreciated my help.

I appreciate the additional detail. I’m still completely in the dark about why they suspended your account but I guess you are as well.

I’d suggest you send a message to each guest who is requesting (I assume you don’t have instant book) that states that it’s a home you live in. I used the phrase “attached to the house but separate from me.” Make them state clearly to you that they understand that.